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How to Change Wi-Fi Channel for Your Router?

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The question always pops up in your head that what you do if your Wi-Fi connection is slow as the tortoise. The best solution you would prefer is to change Wi-Fi channel of your router and fix the problem. But how do you do it? To change the settings of…

How To Troubleshoot Slow Internet Connection Problem

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Slow internet usage is very exasperating. There are so many factors that make your internet connection slow and even down. It is not always the case of your internet service provider that causes such hurdles. The possibilities of slow internet connection may be with your location or equipment. It is…

How to Check and Test your Internet Connection

Everyone has the problem in their internet connection. There’s no person on this planet who is not having trouble with establishing their new or existing internet connection. Therefore if you are having inconvenience with working around internet connection, here we are with some information regarding what’s with the internet connection and…