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Stellar Phoenix PowerPoint Repair Review

This is a quick Stellar Phoenix PowerPoint repair review. Creating presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint is not an easy task, it required time and efforts to collect and mix images, test and slides etc. While, this is very frustrating situation, if your system suddenly shuts down and all of your work are gone. However, sometimes PP (PowerPoint presentation) files are damaged due to various reason hard drive failure, virus infection and something like that. In this situation, there is no hope we can undo our work and only hope left is to get our damaged file recover somehow.

If you having any issues as I have mentioned above and want to recover your PowerPoint presentation file quickly. While, I would like you to suggest using Stellar Phoenix PowerPoint Repair tool. This is a tool that can recover corrupt PowerPoint presentation files from PPTM, PPT and PPTX formats.


The best thing about this software is, not only supports PowerPoint presentations, but also can recover any macro-enabled PPTM files. Installing Stellar Phoenix PowerPoint Repair is not hard. You can do it easily, if you have installed any software in the past. After installation process, you can now lunch Stellar Phoenix PowerPoint Repair and recover any file or folders you want by selecting those file or folders option. There are two options you can see, one is for selecting files, which called select files and other one is for selecting folders, which is called select folders. You can even select sub-folders if you want.

Here are some major benefits of Stellar Phoenix PowerPoint Repair

Can repair for PPT/PPTX/PPTM files formats

You will get option to Search PowerPoint Files

You can even preview your repaired files before saving

*With the latest version*: Support for MS PowerPoint 2016

 Repairing file

While in the process of repairing, a bar will be displayed with showing the progress of the recovery file. You can even track your basic information on the bottom pane regarding the process of recovery from a log.

Stellar Phoenix PowerPoint Repair options:

Soho: This will cost you $39 and can only use for one system.

Stellar Phoenix PowerPoint Repair - soho


Technician This will cost you $199 and can only use for multiple system.

Stellar Phoenix PowerPoint Repair - technician

Stellar Phoenix PowerPoint Repair Review – Technician


Stellar Phoenix PowerPoint Repair can be download as free to preview and have a look all the recoverable data from PPT files. However, to work and recover files you will have to purchase it from : Stellar Phoenix PowerPoint Repair. As far as i know, the latest version will support MS PowerPoint 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, and 2003.



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