4G Trial version available for TPG users for FREE!

Another attraction flown by TPG is its “Free Service” for six months but after that users must pay $9.99 per month. However, TPG has not clarified about the number of customers to be included in the trial version. Interested users are requested to register and be invited by TPG to join the trial version of the 4G network.
The announcement was just made after a week after Craig Levy, TPG’s chief operating officer signaled the company’s aggressiveness towards the network. The company is expected to become Australia’s number two telecommunication within 5 years.
Mobile competitors have not underestimated TPG entry on 4G network space. In recent weeks competitors have launched somewhat similar version of “unlimited plan” in reliance on TPG whose costs are substantially higher. Vodafone offers an unlimited plan at $60 per month with video streaming content of 1.5Mbps, while Telstra is offering a monthly plan of $69 which 40GB data which after completion throttles back to 1.5Mbps.
A golden opportunity for every TPG users to make free use of the 4G network for a semi-annual year!

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