5G Spectrum ready to pull off Huawei from the Australian Market

After the intelligent agencies raised questions on the security of sensitive data, Australia is planning to ban Huawei from distributing its technology for its planned 5G network. Reason for such is to prevent Chinese telco from handing over private data to the Chinese government.
For years, western intelligence has raised questions on the silent collaboration of Huawei with the Chinese government and its possibility of using the device for extracting private information of users (though no evidence of such has been obtained so far).
Huawei world’s third largest mobile phone suppliers have confirmed to supply a 5G network device with full insight including its base station, radio transmission equipment, and towers. But the Australian Intelligence have defragmented the insight concern and said, every company established in China are bounded by rules framed by its Communist Government.
Australian agencies as they are aware of device extraction, they fear the Chinese govt would use the brand for collecting data or suppress the network stability. The US has already banned the communist techno from its market due to national security concern.
To relieve the concerns, Huawei Australia’s Chairman John Lord confirmed about non- applying of Communist rule outside the Communist territory. He said, Chinese law has no legitimacy outside of China. Within that country, any information coming through us and any equipment we put into their national infrastructure is safe to the best of our ability, and it’s secure.” 

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