Apple Event Calendar: What’s stored in for the next Apple event?

We never see Apple’s active participation in any of the public forum like E3 or CES. The company gigantically launch its own events in every calendar year. Several times, Apple invites press, high-graded industry professionals, to its theater to disclose their latest product and services.
Apple addresses this as a ‘Special Events’, and stream them through online channels, to their millions of fans.
Every year a multi-day event, Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference, is organized focusing on the session for developers and making aware of the latest Apple tools and products. The session widely concludes the conference with a bigger keynote, announcing latest versions of iOS & macOS.
Just a week before the announcement is made. Beneath is the list of events that are stored in Apple’s event calendar.
September 2019, iPhone Special Event
Looking at the trends, Apple has always launched its newer version of iPhone’s in the first half of September. Booking for the product is made available generally a week after the announcement, while shipping is made in the month of October.
Back in 2015, September Apple watch was available which went for sale after its announcement.
Apple is set to launch its two new services this year. Apple TV+ and Apple Arcade. We are sure to get hold of the first look of the product and its price this September 2019.
October 2019, final event of Apple
In the second half of October, a final event is carried out. The entity takes an opportunity to reveal a few more products and get it shipped before the holidays. The product launched in October can be anything. It can be a new Ipad pro or a MacBook air.
Apple sells most of its products in October every year. So, this 2019 can be an enthralling moment for the Apple tuners. So, let’s wait for what’s next thing!

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