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6 things to ask every IT Service provider before hiring!

Well, if you have read the title, few things must have clicked on your mind. As you have thought about hiring a trusted MSPs, you too want an immediate help. You also want to know ways to evaluate Managed Service Provider (MSPs) before hiring them. Understanding your dilemma, we have tried to answer few of your question such as What is Managed IT service provider? How can these add certified personnel add value to your business? And most importantly, before hiring or outsourcing them what exact questions should you ask them. So, lets address the questions one by one, we hope this article will give you an idea of Managed Service Providers (MSPs). 

A Managed IT Service Provider is the external third-party technology experts employed to scale, monitor, and various aspects of the IT system present in the organisations.MSP roles have evolved over the past decades. From simple maintenance legacy systems to whole responsibility for every patch and repair of new software, cloud services, and data securitisation. 

 Further, MSPs allow immediate expansion by offering robust host operations and powerful external data centers. What is more, routine maintenance work enables the company to stay updated with the latest tools and recent emerging trends? “Involving MSPs will help you to scale up sustainably and efficiently.” Another factor making it more reliable is its efficient transition to the cloud and energy-saving technologies. In conclusion, they secure organisation data breach, with the high potentiality of disaster and risk prevention strategy. 


#1. Defining managed IT service providers:

In some instances, managed services companies are simply a group of reactionary technicians with faded knowledge that charge lower rates and take care of small clients. They are proficient at it, blaming previous MSPs, old technologies, applications, and so on. So, let’s stay away from those old dirty tricks. Today, most companies are looking for a 24/7 service to monitor and manage their web environment with a comprehensive helpdesk willing to tackle every assertive problem. Customers are more interested in an up-and-running website rather than lengthy bills. Be sure that the total number of technicians at the MSP you are considering hiring is listed. Talk to your peers and compare the performance of your managed service provider against the peers and their certified experiences. Find out if your managed service provider has the required skills to meet your needs. 


#2. Website Coverings:

Most companies neglect to update their websites. If the audit turns up a patch or the procedure is not implemented, they either patch it up or don’t implement it. A professional managed IT service provider covers your website status from scratch. Make sure your website is updated at regular interval rather than patching it up. 


#3. Vendor Management:

There is timed when due to application revisions, one or the other things fail. So, in this case, you want someone to assure you with immediate address, a single point of accountability (SPA)is searched.  The absence of these steps will leave your business destined for extinction, while technology vendors do not require such kinds of troubleshooting. Learn about your MSP’s vendor management program and skills and inquire about their case studies. 


#4. Monitoring 24/7:

The labour laws state that on-call service seeks overtime payment. The most expensive scenario for outsourcing companies. They face gambling scenarios, assuming there will be nothing wrong. As a business operator, you would want24/7 support even during late hours. Make sure your MSP team has provisioned and designated group with every readily available tool. 

Additionally, setting up a monitoring system appropriate takes a lot of patience. Your MSP to address the problem before it adversely affects you, including human responses and automatic monitoring, is recommended. After investing thousands of dollars into the system, you would want someone monitoring alerts in real-time and getting them resolved. Do not hesitate to inquire about their monitoring systems and how they handle every red alert. 


#5. Service Level Objectives (SLO) escalation 

Specified enforced time frames with measurable service response are how SLO is defined. It is usually the best effort offered by MSPs with target objectives with no time frames. The MSPs should make sure that they have their version of SLO. They should be required to show their internal process, as well as their success measurability. 


#6. Systematic ticketing system:

Most MSPs use essential tools & software, as well as their blessed memories, to keep track of customers’ needs. These are the most secure and organised methods of tracking website issues. It limits effectiveness. Your MSP should use a systematic ticketing system to submit an address-free workflow for scheduling and escalation. Ask for a demonstration. As professional expertise, the Managed IT Service Provider is keen to determine the most prominent financial drains in an organisation’s IT operation.  

According to a CISCO report, more than 70% of budgets are spent keeping the system running. Modern MSPs are committed to finding the best match for every specific need by developing a strategy considering the vendor’s size, location, hybrid solutions, data centre capabilities, and cost. They have the resources, skills, and commitment to stay abreast of every critical technology. These MSPs can serve as adjuncts to your team, achieving high-level functions that you could not do alone. If your company requires cloud computing, secure monitoring, or additional professional staff, modern MSPs are sure to assist you. 


What questions should you ASK to your MSP (Managed Service Providers)?

Suppose you have no dedicated IT teams, and your business is looking forward to a more comprehensive managed IT service. In that case, it’s essential to ask the right questions to get a trusted managed IT service provider. Doing proper homework before hiring any one of them is crucial for selecting a reputable lawyer who will serve best for your company adding strategic values.  


Here are six great questions you should ask your MSP, 

#1. Ask them about their current customers  

Know their business representation and relation with their existing customers. Ask them about their approach, their satisfaction level and solutions when working with them. In addition, go through their website, visit their customer testimonials, and their accomplished project.  


#2. Ask them for their support service & vendor relationships 

How committed is the MSP towards the client product? What are the solutions they are offering to their clients? Understand them. If you are making an investment based on the IT partners recommendations, make sure they are using the same investment by utilising the business portfolio of high-end service partners. 


#3. What is the knowledge level & responsiveness of the Help Desk service? 

If your business is only using the help desk service, understand the scope of work for the ‘Help Desk’ service. Also, learn that whenever your IT team face an IT issue, how the immediate response is offered to them. A help desk offering friendly support is a bonus for the taken service.  


#4. How reliable a response shall the MSP offer to the business? 

When your business faces a data breach or data loss situation, how would the MSP respond? Do they have immediate solutions? Whenever your business reputation is at stake, and your customer is affected, you must trust your MSP partner to resolve the situation.  


#5. Is the MSP selling the customised service or a scripted one? 

An MSP who understands your business technologies, objectives will offer more to you. You want a partner who shall help you move ahead with the business and not hold back the products, processes and service. You want a business partner who will help your business move forward and not hold back with the outdated mechanism. 

When your MSP become your trusted IT partner, they should know and offer appropriate solutions to the clients.  


#6. Is your MSP responsible for performing IT audit annually?  

A potential question you can ask your MSP. IT audit consists of SOC2, a series of accounting principles that includes the internal processes and protected the client’s critical assets. If your MSP is committed to SOC2 evaluation, you can confidently take their service. 

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