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Terrible time leaks, due to unwanted involvements in sideline of business? Get rid of it. Fix it. Solve it. Solving doesn’t mean that it you who will have to sit and work to get it done properly, NO! you are designated to work in some other area, let this trouble be fixed and settled by a professional Managed IT Service Provider.
When talk about “time-leaks”, we are referring to the potentiality of addressing untracked, invaluable portion. And we believe this is an important portion which is seeking for immediate addressal for missed billable hours, results in client dismay, less revenue and unsatisfied employees.
Have you ever tried tracking those lost hours? Did you identify the exact opportunity cost? Well, if not, then its high time to get it. For, if you are not clear, you will end up over-committing your clients and over pressurizing your employees. Ultimately, you will land up ending with high turnover, inefficiency causing dreadful financial loss.
With so many prospects of managed IT services, works are being performed off-hours and remotely. Which the customers fail to acknowledge. Today, we will be highlighting more on providing more secure remote access to your entity’s network.
First figure out, why do you want to do it? Primarily, to allow remote access to the employees and give them flexibility to contact their usual servers, applications and file shares. This entire facility is not only great for office use, but one can take great advantage of working during weekends and travelling.
This service is also great for branch office, to work effectively. Ability to access work remotely decreases the burden of travelling, which ultimately decreases the cost.
Ok, by now we have understood the usefulness, key efficiency and productivity merits for the business. And how can we accomplish it, by keeping data safe? You are predominantly given two options for remote service: One Virtual Private Network (VPN) or a remote desktop access program such as Team Viewer or Go to my PC.
Both of these methods have merits & dis-advantages, so for now we will contrast them and give you a clear idea to help you decide the best suited options.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)
An internet firewall, which allows end-point to create secure, encrypted tunnel over the office network. The encryption portion is a key solution, for as the business information travel through the internet, it undergoes through systems controlled by other organizations- gateways or routers.
If the information is not properly encrypted, and there are possibilities that any of these intermediaries can easily read the information. Encryption can prevent it. It encodes the information via mathematical cryptographic algorithms. A full security, allowing information to be read by appropriate receiving parties, ensuring non-alteration of info during the transit.
Any random individual can be snooping on your internet traffic, and that should be a major concern for you! The network snooping tricks can be used by anyone including, cyber-criminals motivated by profit and cyber-vandals.
Popular reasons to use VPN;

  • Requirement of high level of authentication and security, integrated with other system.
  • Need of remote access solutions integrated with identity even when the network is terminated.
  • Proper set-up of configuration via expertise as you don’t want the device to misconfigure and compromise the network security.

The solutions aren’t perfect. Historically, there have been known bugs and issues, openly allowing the other parties to access network or to snoop in the encrypted traffic.

Remote Access Program
Tools such as team viewer, offer solutions with similar capabilities. For a start, you will be wanting a power packed machines to drive in every application, shortcuts and every relatable item. You will be seeking desktop with familiar settings.
The program effectively transmits, the remote view of desktop in a very efficient and effective manner. These remote service program provides same security and encryption package like VPN; trust us nothing is transmitted in clear text.
Reasons to use this popular method;

  • Less IT intensive. You can install and configure immediately, with minimal effort. This is because the technology targets only small business consumers, and is very easy to use.
  • Any special hardware can be used, such as graphics card.
  • Easy use of Window machine from Mac.
  • Minimal set-up from the remote end. It means from any space you can easily, work. This is a useful, technique, if your friends or co-workers are in urgency too sort out few issues.

Other Choices; Cloud Storage
Beyond these methods, cloud storage is another one. A cloud-based file syncing solution in One Drive or Google Drive, for a less security risk. These solutions provide immediate backups, of multiple works in your pc. You can share the cloud files with another set of people as well. But you need appropriate software to be installed in both the machines.

Take help from an expert
Professional advice does matter. Providing remote access to your business network can be an expansion part. Before taking a leap, its better you approach for more expert advice, as they are the ones who can project suitable software for your business. For larger capabilities, a cloud storage-based solution may be of great help.
NSW IT Support, a Business IT solution provider, offers support to every kinds of business irrespective of its size. Our Managed IT services provides the expertise quality and care sought by every business entity. Be it a college, non-profit organization, business entity our service is available for all. So, without any kind of hesitation, just pick a phone and give us a call.
Say no more, to hassling work. Call us today for Managed IT Service in the whole of Australia, and save yourself from time leakage. Make wise decision, for small investment, can reap larger revenue, so we suggest every of the business owners to go for it.
For our service you can either mail us or call us, our representatives will help you immediately and address your grievances.



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