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Backup and Data Recovery Services

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Backup and Data Recovery Services

Data loss can be expensive for any organization. NSW IT SUPPORT offers a comprehensive backup solution to manage risk, protect your data and reduce your IT operating cost. We are an authorized partner of Veeam and Storage Craft therefore we take backup solution in protecting critical information which obtaining efficient data recovery. With our solution we are sure to protect data on premises, remote systems and hybrid clouds. We can immediately restore business files and servers at any point of time. 



Veeam allows you to send on premise copies to cloud. Veeam cloud is priced per total data stored and virtual machine protected. This means the customers have full control on data stored in Veeam. It replicates your data in DRaaS from cloud by directly integrating the cloud repositories. 



It stores data in SaaS. It offers a single backup solution and restores document from point in time image backup. Till the original system is restored it creates virtual machine and starts restoring option before occurrence of any disaster.    


Why back up & data recovery service? 

  • Experts with experience: We have helped thousands of organizations implement sustainable cloud solutions. Our experienced engineers are aware about the technologies and solution which in fact acts as a pioneer in cloud computing. 
  • Risk and Rapid Recovery: We make sure to meet business continuity and disaster recovery requirement framed by regulatory bodies (ASIC and APRA). We offer real time solution, advanced monitoring with time and point objectives. 
  • Availability with Security: Cloud storage provided by NSW IT SUPPORT are highly available, redundant, scalable and secure with SLA of 99.85%. We safeguard your data and keep it within Australian territory. 
  • Flexibility and Affordability:  Shift from capital expenses to operating expenses to control overall IT budget. Organization have options to keep data for a month or a year in an encrypted form. 



  • Full fledge regulatory compliance: Our data centres offer physical and virtual security with full fledge regulatory compliance with ASIC and APRA. 
  • Affordable back up service: We save time and money by removing unwanted labour cost for data back-up service. Cloud back up service stores data which are affordable and accepted by organization despite their size and nature. 
  • Customized Policies:  Organizations are given flexibility to choose backup policy that would suit your business requirement. If your business needs infinity data backup service NSW IT SUPPORT can store it in an encrypted tape. 
  • Protects server and Database:  Our backup store is suitable for both traditional and physical servers. 
  • Monitoring & Management: We have immediate back up services for any red alerts and we immediately cure the alert with no further delay. 

To avail our Back up and Disaster Recovery Service, kindly contact us at 1300 138 600 or e-mail us at info@nswits.com.au !