NSW IT SUPPORT offer all in one payment option to its customers. We offer our every customer billing options, credit control and customer service allowing our clients to improvise their cashflow by saving their time. We are inclined in making user-friendly, cost-efficient and efficient method to compliment every payment options. We provide direct debit solutions to our customers where the clients can control and access account managing tools. We make sure our clients focus towards business growth instead of getting tied up in making payments.  

Phone Payments:  Bills and invoices can be cleared via IVR (Interactive Voice Response) telephone system. We create a script template, feed in the phone numbers which require payment and keep a tab on whether the payment has been released or not to right customers. 

Batch Payments: This method is used for regular payment. It is used in paying monthly fees, subscriptions by permitting the clients to control the payment options through a option. We offer debit and credit card payment options along with triggered payments from stored credit card tokens. 

Scheduled Payments: It is a viable method to handle large bills which needs to be cleared on an irregular interval in a repetitive manner. Scheduled payment is made available with Secure API Integration with the help of our merchant login. 


Advantages of using Direct debit service;

  • Assist you to stabilize and maximize your cashflow. 
  • Ensure integrity of your customer’s data. 
  • Rationalize your administrative processes. 
  • Build long-term relationship with customers. 
  • Australian based customer service. 
  • Ease client’s paperwork for regular payments. 
  • Saves your time. 


What does NSW IT SUPPORT service offer?

  • Full Billing Service: For credit control, customer relationship management, integrated transaction processing and for collecting debit and credit card payments. 
  • Flexible Billing Opportunity: We make sure to meet your cashflow with flexible billing opportunities. 
  • Data Security: Securely process customers transactions. 
  • Cloud Software: Integrate your website to cloud software’s so that the customers can securely proceed with the payment transactions. 
  • Software Support: Direct debit billing system with customer support 24/7.  
  • Reporting & Analytics: We send weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual reports directly to client’s mailbox. 
  • More of credit retention & control: For payment follow up we make sure to adopt telephone, SMS, e-mail and SMS means to make sure the payments are released to the right customers. 

To avail the service kindly contact us at 1300 138 600 or e-mail us at [email protected] !