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Business Telephone Services – Hosted PBX

NSW IT Support is a service provider of business telephone services. We provide PSTN phone, hosted PBX, VoIP, ISDN, and SIP trunk, which operate on digital technology, internet, and cloud at an affordable price. We also provide top-notch accessories that are reliable and guaranteed, along with an offer of long-term contract and short-term contract. 

NSW IT SUPPORT is an Australian owned and operated business. Our technicians and engineers are present in every territory to cater your corporate telephone requirement. As we are not oversea based company, any business can approach us directly for the service or any assistance on a single call or through e-mails. We have our own Internet Service Provider (ISP) and simultaneously we have partnered with several leading telecom service providers in Australia for reliable and superior service. 


Services offered by NSW IT SUPPORT for Business Telephone Service in NSW, Australia: 

  • PSTN phone: It requires a physical box connected by several wires. These are premise based device which requires multiple cards to use the telephone lines. 
  • ISDN phone: ISDN is all about transferring the voice calls over digital lines. This telephone is best suited for business who require more than 10 business line connectivity. 
  • Hosted PBX: It is all about cloud hosting. Hosted PBX allows business to make free calls all around the world. It connects every business personnel within the organization irrespective of their location. 
  • VoIP: VoIP doesn’t require traditional phone line connectivity. Instead internet connection is all what it requires. VoIP allows calling service over internet. Therefore, you can connect through the line in any time zone. 
  • SIP Trunk: SIP has the ability to modify, create and terminate sessions with several parties over a single IP network. It allows businesses to make any international calls over an internet. 


Why Choose NSWIT SUPPORT for Business Telephony Service? 

  • PBX suitable for small, medium and large business. 
  • Suitable alternatives for ISDN & PSTN. 
  • Easy Installation of telephony service with guidance. 
  • Provides economies of scope and scale with reduction in network complexity. 
  • Economical SIP Trunk plans. 
  • On-site & off-site maintenance service.  
  • Offer suitable broadband connection plans for VoIP and SIP trunking service. 
  • Suitable maintenance package for the corporates and businesses. 
  • 24/7 availability of support service. 

To know more about the comprehensive & economical plans on Business Telephone service, kindly contact us at 1300 138 600 or e-mail us at info@nswits.com.au !