BYOD the future of every classroom and workplace; challenges & opportunities

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More than half of the Australian adults have access to tablets, smartphones, and laptops. As advanced computing is getting more accounted for the concept of BYOD has further inclined its utility and has created its own device movement.
This concept has been peculiarly conquering the education and workplace sector of Australia, where BYOD got accepted with a view to enhance the education system and improvise staff productivity. After the Australian Education Department passed the rule of BYOD in School & Colleges, where business to are jumping on the BYOD bandwagon. Business and schools across the continent are implementing policies requiring employees to bring their personal electronic devices to conduct the necessary task.
For a mid-sized business or small business, the cost of supplying every individual employee with a latest electronic device can be expensive. Further, if your employees need to travel or work remotely then they also require a portable device which is accessible and portable to carry. The cost of purchasing portable electronic devices with a wireless device can grip the budget of business owners. For such entity with low budget streamline, BYOD is a perfect solution to keep employees readily available without taking the financial value away from the business development.
Today even larger organizations are in the virtue of implementing BYOD programs. The reason behind it is to, encourage the employees to work remotely. While schools and colleges are emphasizing on the BYOD concept to encourage students to practice web learning and practice. Further, teachers are enthusiastically taking advantages of accessing classroom material via online where both students and teacher can read and complete assignment online. BYOD requires no effort of taking heaps of assignment to home for correction, students’ grade can be posted online where both students & teacher can keep the tab on the student progress and performance.
The initial cost of BYOD may seem high to students and employees for mandatory purchase, despite being expensive the concept is still gaining popularity and is being implemented to more business. And yes, BYOD is the future of every workplace and classroom.

Advantages of BYOD in classroom & workplace

Increases the productivity level

Both the teacher and students are familiar with the device they are using; therefore, both can focus on completing their task instead of figuring out the workability of the device.  Another merit of BYOD is both will get acquainted with the technology preventing them to be an isolated techno people.

Active learning engagement

Traditional classroom emphasizes reading and writing in textbooks. This is a passive format making student lean on the territory of notebook and books. While BYOD encourages more of classroom presentation, group learning with group activities, online research of text material, online projects and many more. To keep the classroom more entertained, schools and colleges can also encourage cross-learning system with students of other countries, which we are sure to encourage active learning.

Greater Flexibility

Students are no longer bounded to approach the college territory. With BYOD, students can opt for distance learning courses where the students can make use of their own device and study from universities located in the other continents or other countries. They can also share their projects through several portals and add creativity on it.

Disadvantages of BYOD in classroom & workplace


This is one of the biggest concerns where teachers and employers are thinking about. Increasing inequality due to BYOD can downturn the employee’s motivation diminishing their productivity level. Both the employer and university can reduce the inequality gap by offering scholarship or subsidy in purchasing BYOD.


BYOD eliminates the confidentiality portion. As employee work on their own laptop, the entity can no longer hold its information security.  It will be a challenging task for IT managers to create security tool in every electronic device. For government organization BYOD concept can cost a lot, where every device should be kept under scrutiny and under surveillance.
BYOD comprise of both merits and de-merits. In one hand it reduces the entity’s cost while on the other hand it can hinder on the confidentiality of the business. But for school and colleges BYOD has no such disadvantages beside creating inequality which we think can be reduced by offering subsidy. If you any concerns regarding BYOD, NSWIT an IT support company is here to advice you to get the best result. We are here to help you retain your confidentiality at a same time by reducing the cost. Contact us, our representatives are always ready to solve every IT related issues.



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