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Best Online Backup Cloud Solutions To Keep Your Data Safe for Small Businesses 

Cloud storage has evolved, and they are now serving as great storage and IT solutions for businesses of all sizes, both big and small. At present, many IT companies have come up with cloud backup solutions for small businesses. Small Businesses are trying to avoid relying on expensive hardware and, hence are on the hunt to find cloud backup solutions for small businesses. To help such businesses, we have come up with this blog. 


Table of Content 


What is data backup? 

What is a cloud-based backup? 

5 qualities of a great cloud backup 

What about backup as service? 

Is there a cloud backup solution for small businesses? 

10 best online backup cloud solutions to keep your data safe for small businesses 

  1. Dropbox 
  2. Elephant Drive 
  3. Amazon Web Services 
  4. Carbonite 
  5. iCloud 
  6. Google Drive 
  7. CrashPlan 
  8. Big mind 
  9. OneDrive 
  10. Acronis 

Finding the best cloud backup in Australia 

Why choose NSWITS as your business backup solution? 


What is data backup?


One may lose data because of computer viruses, hardware failures, file corruption or other natural calamities like fire, flood, or theft (etc.). Thus, having a data backup is crucial. So, what is Data backup? Data backup is a process of duplicating data to allow retrieval of the duplicate set after data loss.

In fact, Data backup includes copying or archiving files and folders to prevent data loss. Full backups, differential backups, and incremental backups are the three basic forms of data backups. 


What is a cloud-based backup?


Traditional backup techniques don’t provide a lot of storage. This issue was therefore resolved using cloud backups. Cloud backup, otherwise known as, Online backup, is capable of storing large data and then expanding storage capacity when your data volume grows. Here, your data is kept on a remote server by third-party service providers.

Nowadays, enterprises have started valuing this cloud-based backup as their most treasured place for data storage and backup. 


5 qualities of a great cloud backup


  • They offer storage space based on customers’ needs and charge accordingly. Moreover, this helps you in comparing the rates of individual providers. 
  • They let customers increase their storage capacity and enable you to scale up with growth or to cover short-term needs. 
  • They provide backup data numerous times and also save the organization’s data from a number of cyberattacks.  
  •  They provide expert, 24/7 technical support to get the problem solved.  
  • No theft, and no disaster can affect the data. The data in the cloud is available online with 99.95% accuracy. In fact, they are strictly compliant with data regulations. 


What about backup as service?


Backup as a service (BaaS) solutions are cloud-based data backup and recovery, which provide you access to cloud-based data backup and recovery capabilities. Using BaaS, IT experts, administrators, and professionals may outsource the hosting of backup applications.  

Organizations can connect to their BaaS solution to safely access, store, or restore data backup copies remotely. All in all, the BaaS model helps in reducing the upfront and operating expenses related to purchasing, setting up, running, and maintaining backup and restoration programs. 


Is there a cloud backup solution for small businesses?


YES!! There are numerous cloud backup solutions for small businesses. Small businesses are looking for affordable, reliable, scalable backups that promise to keep the data secure. Those businesses who are saying no to such backups can experience bitter regret in the future as there is a high chance of getting their data leaked or stolen. So, getting a cloud backup is not even an option; it’s mandatory. Moreover, when choosing cloud backup, small businesses must consider: 

  •  the times needed to back up their data 
  •  where and how backups are to be done, 
  • recovery methods,  
  • how long should the backup should retain. 


10 best online backup cloud solutions to keep your data safe for small businesses


There are numerous cloud backup solutions for small businesses. Let’s look into 10 major cloud solutions to keep your data safe. 



Dropbox is one of the well-known and most widely used cloud storage services, which helps you to save files online and later sync them to your devices. You can view your Dropbox emails with a computer, mobile phone, or tablet.

Moreover, if your device is lost or stolen, it is possible to remotely access the data on Dropbox. Furthermore, Dropbox is a great option that meets the demands of the business of all kinds, including small ones. 

Elephant Drive


Elephant drive is an easy, affordable and secure cloud storage solution with features such as multi-device backup & sync, file sharing, backup, file versions, mobile access and more. They also give access to old versions, customizable storage space, and are compatible with all devices. 

Amazon Web Services


Due to its flexibility and a full range of services, Amazon Web Service (AWS) is among the best cloud storage for businesses. AWS could be the ideal option to shift to the cloud if you’re considering it. Reduced infrastructure expenses, direct cloud operation, and the ability to have service handled for you are all included in AWS. Facts say that AWS is perfect for e-commerce companies since it is flexible and affordable. 



Carbonite is yet another complete cloud storage option for your data. Data service, backup software, disaster recovery, high availability, and workload transfer are all included in the limitless storage of Carbonite. In fact, Carbonite can be set up to run automatically in the background. Carbonite will only back up newly created files or those that have been modified to use less bandwidth. 




For small businesses, iCloud is the best option. iCloud automatically stores and backs up business data, making it simple to switch between devices. Moreover, the iCloud service gives small companies improved security, management, communication, device management, support, and storage. 

Google Drive


Google Drive offers 15GB of free storage, good enough for small businesses. Thus, Google Drive can be a complete cloud-based office for small businesses. Google Drive is also integrated with Google search. Further, it offers great storage and additional services at good pricing. Moreover, it also includes a free plan, a great option for small businesses. 




CrashPlan is another popular cloud storage. It allows each and every user to add their services to an infinite number of computers and servers. Crashplan’s key features include unlimited cloud storage, file versioning, access to sophisticated backup tools, and quick recovery choices. They are the best for easy backup services for small businesses. 

Big mind


Another cloud backup solution for businesses is BigMind. BigMind provides a plethora of excellent features. It offers outstanding user experience, straightforward file sharing, and mobile app compatibility, in addition to advanced security to keep accounts and information secure. 




Microsoft OneDrive is one popular cloud service for small businesses that use Microsoft 365. You can earn access to documents from Windows or Mac computers, Android and iOS, and any web browser. Microsoft OneDrive provides cloud synchronization and cloud storage options. You may also access sophisticated security, email and calendar, Office integration, and other features with this. 



Acronis provides a wide variety of online backup choices. Acronis also offers Bare Metal disk imaging for full system state storage and employs 256-bit AES encryption to guarantee the security of your company’s data. Additionally, you may utilize Acronis Small Office: Server Cloud Backup to quickly back up your Small Office or Home Office server. 

Finding the best cloud backup in Australia


It is better not to take any risk with data as they are the numbers you can evaluate and then come up with better plans. So, you can opt for numerous cloud backup options available in the market. Don’t make the mindset of being lucky with data; rather, take a step and get yourself the best cloud- backup- The 100 times better option than traditional backup. 

Australia is growing more tech-friendly and shifting to Cloud storage. Many enterprises and small businesses are opting for business backup solutions. They are, in fact, looking for the best cloud computing and secure digital backup systems for sensitive information. Thus this has certainly led to an increase in demand for professionals dealing with cloud-based server backup solutions.  

The Australian market is full of cloud backup solutions for small businesses as well as enterprises. Thus, finding the best cloud backup solution has become their top priority.

Talking more specifically, small businesses that are into making savings but also need data backup are looking for cheap cloud storage in Australia.  


Why choose NSWITS as your business backup solution?


At NSWITS, we offer superior, reliable and affordable cloud storage for enterprises, eCommerce Solutions, and small businesses. In fact, we have quickly grown to become a leader in supplying the best cloud backup in Australia.

We specialize in world-leading cloud solutions in Australia and provide our expert service in Office 365, Azure Managed Service, Managed Public Cloud, and Application Hosting. To be precise, our services include high levels of data security and well-rounded features to back up and recover data from multiple devices. 

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