“Developing a platform resilient to cyberattacks.”

Cybersecurity is the practice of protecting the entity’s overall networking system, programs, and networks from the external threat from the digital attacks. Understand the fact that, cyber-attacks get mainly designed to access, destroy, and to change the confidential information with the agenda of extorting ransom from the business. 

To overcome the situation, NSWIT Support Australia implements effective cybersecurity measures following the client requirement and business nature, indeed a challenging task. We relatively assist the business by providing tailored cyber security service, focusing on the technical demand, industry dynamics, and the agency operating model. Alongside this, we help the company understand the risks related to cybersecurity, and the executed strategies to minimise the impact of cyber-attack. 

Common cybersecurity threats identified in Australia

Australia has been facing the data breach in the most ordinary forms. The attackers are actively involved in figuring out the weaknesses of the industry and stealing confidential information. Below are the few but common security threats encountered by businesses. 

  • Phishing – A practice of forwarding fraudulent emails from a renowned source. The aim of the attacker to steal sensitive information such as bank details, and login information. 
  • Ransomware – A malicious software designed to extort money by intervening on the system. There is no guarantee that the system will be restored even after paying the ransom amount to the attacker. 
  • Malware – Unauthorised access gained to damage the whole enterprise system.
  • Social engineering – A trick used to encourage the user to reveal sensitive information. They solicit details to gain access to confidential data. It comprises of many or more threats such as malware or ransomware or both. 

Reasons to source cybersecurity service in Australia

  • In the first quarter month of 2019, business lost nearly 1 billion data. 
  • Nearly 62% of the business (SMEs) became a victim of social engineering attacks. 
  • Online hackers are active every 39 seconds. 
  • 43% of the victims are small scale businesses. 

Cyber Security Services in Australia

Our cybersecurity professionals are versatile and hail from a diverse range of backgrounds, including data privacy, IT operations, and forensic technology. The following are the services provided in assistance to cybersecurity: 

Cybersecurity incidence response strategy

Swift response from early detection is vital. Our cyber forensic shall provide immediate value response to the cyber event, including detailed forensic analysis, summarising the issues with visibility of impact on the business infrastructure. Our team shall conduct rapid tests, detect the root cause, and retort the active threats. The steps taken in response to incidence strategy are: 

  • Rapid incident consulting 
  • Digital forensics (network/host) 
  • Malware and ransomware analysis 
  • Threat intelligence 
  • Advanced monitoring of system 
  • Forensic analysis of root cause 
  • Reporting & Review 

 Cybersecurity risk & security testing

Let NSW IT validate the security in the planned tests and solutions. Our comprehensive range of assessments for the strengthening of security. We have CREST qualified team delivering risk and security testing. Primarily, we assess risk, identify vulnerabilities to digital assets, evaluate every potential damage through social re-engineering, risk assessments, remediation, and penetration testing. The following steps are for security risk and security testing: 

  • Security control implementation 
  • Technical configuration assessment 
  • Architectural solution and design review 
  • Penetration testing 

Risk management strategy

Prepare a comprehensive program with an enterprise-level risk management framework. The designed program involves plans covering business risk appetite, policies & procedures, and organisational structure. The overall process taken for risk management includes: 

  • Cybersecurity examination of the business system 
  • Open source analysis and threat assessment 
  • Briefing to the team, board, and executive members 
  • Design roadmaps and architecture 
  • Develop an operating model and required functions 
  • Design compliance, risk, and frameworks 
  • Frame risk appetite policy 
  • CISO services 

Penetration testing

Quick identification of vulnerabilities in business infrastructure, process, and applications in a view to reinforcing with best applicable standards. We validate controls, challenges with a robust cybersecurity testing approach. A range of penetration testing gets conducted to find gaps, in the security, of the client’s infrastructure to build a strong defence in the system. Penetration testing determines the extent of the network and systems. Performed from the perspective of the attacker, we utilise the modern & in-house tools, manual scripts, and vulnerability scanning to emulate the cyber threats. The maximum range of services for penetration testing to highlight the strength and weakness of a security network are: 

  • Web application penetration testing 
  • Wireless penetration testing 
  • Network security penetration testing 

Training & education

It is very much for the organisation to be prepared and informed for the uninvited disaster. Developing cybersecurity awareness – types of cyber threat, what are they, preparing from them is one of the best ways to achieve effective procedures. Equipping your staff to with the right level of knowledge jointly figure out the weakest set back in the security chain. NSW IT Support’s approach to raising cyber awareness inside the business includes: 

  • Identifying asset holding highest risk 
  • Monitor sources of cybersecurity 
  • Educate employees to recognise and avoid cyber threats 
  • Regular briefings, a workshop for proactive management 
  • Security awareness program development 
  • Training and education program for the board, and management 
  • Personal and integrated online training programs 
  • Professional training programs for breach of security, incident response, and privacy 

 Managed security service 

The security operation centre of NSWIT Support operates a technical level to monitor security events. The only objective is to provide technical information, with in-depth expertise to proactively monitor, detect, manage incidents across the entity spectra. The functionality offers an advanced warning on emerging threats. We help the enterprise defend those situations with managed security services. Our managed security service includes: 

  • Manage network access control 
  • Manage detection, prevention, and response 
  • Manage web application firewall 
  • Manage vulnerability 
  • Monitor compliance 
  • Security Operations Center 

Security advisory & governance

Security must be balanced and integrated into all the levels of the enterprise. NSWIT Support executive consultants will map the concerns of the board, and employees to ensure governance. We bridge the gap and expose the loops holding potential threats.  

We know that all business and their requirements are different; therefore, we customise a service package suiting your need. From ad-hoc advisory to full-time CISO consultant, we can extract, customise the role bringing out the best value for your business. Below are some ways we help: 

  • Building resilience with risk, compliance & governance 
  • Integration of security strategies 
  • CISO service complying with Australian Government Cyber Security 
  • Framework of IT governance security strategy 
  • Development of ISMS (Information Security Management System) 
  • Development of security policy 
  • Periodic review of the policy 
  • Cybersecurity risk and program audit 

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