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Everything you need to know about Cyber Security

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Everything you need to know about Cyber Security

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How secure is your company’s data? Which cyber security is relevant for your work space? The most relevant and trending question, which needs quick addressal. So here we are giving you the most concrete guidance in the world of cyber security and help you find a suitable package to excel in your career.

The topic of cyber security covers the whole and helps you to figure out the technical concepts that every computer operator should mandatory know. Data safety has become a major issue, every entity takes every sort of measures to protect the personal and business data. The government, as well as business entity, wants to avoid the incidence of data hacking.

So far, we have witnessed the worst reports such as nearly 1.1 billion records of sensitive data were publicized, which allowed easy access of every credit card information and manipulation of elections. Hence, cyber security has become an important aspect.


An overview of Cyber Security

Cyber security is the set of tools, and practices used for protecting the data, networks, computers and programs from unsecured barrage.

Cyber security is in your firewall, 2-step authentication and fault tolerant architecture. It also means using different kinds of passwords for different accounts, strict avoidance of using credit card in public spaces and ensuring data sensitivity by using protective means such as encrypted hard drives.


Components of Cyber Security

Firewalls Cryptography Protection of policies Protection of software Protection of networks designs
A digital gateway to prevent unwanted access to systems and networks A way of delivering information in code format. A policy which encourages people to create, share and work in secure environment. Urging the use of valid license software instead of cracked versions or free download version. Formation of rules to maintain networks in public and private platform in safe method.



  • Social Engineering: This is a psychological process which manipulates people to perform certain actions. Phishing attacks are the most common form to trick the users to give in their private confidential information.
  • APTs (Advanced Persistent Threats): The unauthorized users attack the user and infiltrates the network by staying undetected for a long period of time. APT holds the intent to steal the data and not harm the network. This usually takes place in high sectors holding high value information such as government entity or high-end businesses.
  • Malware: Software that is designed to privately gain access to damage the user’s PC. Several types of malware include worms, keyloggers, and spyware.
  • Ransomware: This is an emerging form of malware that prevents the user from accessing their own files and demands for lumpsum amount through anonymous online payment for access.
  • Data breach: It’s a result of cyber-attack, which allows the cyber criminals to gain access on the confidential and personal financial access.
  • SQL injection: Cyber criminals use SQL injections to exploit the software by gaining unauthorized access to valuable datas.


How to protect the business from cyber threat?

  • Only use trusted sites to open the personal information. Check the URL before getting through the sites (https://) is the secured ones, so website which hold no s on the http:// don’t enter any sensitive information such as credit card numbers or bank detail.
  • Never open unknown email links received from an unknown source. The attacker send you e-mail in a disguised form like the name of the person you know.
  • Regularly update your device. The software updates contain important patches to fix the cyber security issues. The cyber attackers mostly thrive for the outdated device.
  • Frequently back up your files as if you notice a malware attack you can clean the device.

By the end of 2019, most of the large-scale entity has incorporated cyber security solutions in their operations. As a result, the enterprise has managed to incline their productivity level and decline the ideal revenue losses. So, the field of cyber security highly emphasize on managing, detecting and preventing threats on larger scale. The responsibilities also add on to setup security measures and perform regular network check.

NSW IT Support has panel of experts for the cyber-security. We thoroughly audit the IT of every business and then take advanced measures and tools to prevent it. For more information on cyber-security contact us @ 1300 138 600!

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