Is your company ready to upgrade network server? Is your company seeking a reliable service provider to out-source the service?

NSW IT SUPPORT offers great data and networking service to upgrade, improvise and optimize your network. We have partnered with Cisco, Ubiquity, Aruba Network & other brands for wireless solution, NBN, Telstra and Vodafone for Data & Networking solution. Solutions released by every vendor ensures maximum business continuity with greater efficiency through establishment of virtualized operating environment.

Our tailor-made solutions for communications are cabling solutions, network cabling, structured cabling plans, office moving, office cable management, equipment/server racks, office cabling services, or structured cabling installation which assures that you can rest easy, knowing your business is in good hands.


Services offered by NSW IT SUPPORT, NSW, Australia

  • Hosted PBX Solution: Our hosted PBX solution removes the additional investment of hardware and software installation. We provide cloud-based PBX solution to improvise channel of business communication by connecting every employees and subordinates working in an organization. Hosted PBX solution offers a sub-additional service of creation of virtual conference room, shared line appearance, call hold and call parking service.
  • SIP Trunks: SIP Trunks in Australia are tested by 3CX. It requires no manual set up and can be easily plugged in with SIP Trunk according to your preference. SIP Trunk service offered by NSW IT SUPPORT are cost-effective, qualitative, reliable with global potentiality. SIP inter-connects hosted PBX and inbound service. It channelizes long distance calls over an internet without restricting any concurrent calls.
  • On-Premise PBX: For on-premise PBX service you need a phone system and IP compatible handsets for LAN Connectivity. On Premise PBX is very much suitable to handle voluminous flow of phone call, so in generic it is perfect solution for Call Centres. An on-premise PBX is easily connecting with PSTN and ISDN circuits. Besides connectivity it gives full ownership to the users with quality and cost effectiveness.
  • Virtual & Toll- Free Numbers: Big brands to ease customer service take virtual “1300” and toll-free “1800” numbers. The reason of taking the service is to retain their customers and take their services from any state of Australia. While calling on “virtual numbers”, from any state calls are charged in local rates and while calling in “toll-free” numbers calls are free.


Advantages of availing service from NSW IT SUPPORT

  • We help you overcome lengthy contractual process.
  • Guide you to pick up best data plans.
  • Install network servers, telephone and wireless installation.
  • Look out for best data bundles and plans.
  • Explore mobile, programmed and automated network process in your business structure.
  • Network integration and network boosting service.
  • Consulting service to boost network performance.
  • 24/7/365 Help Desk service.

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