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Small or big, B2C or B2B, Food or software, whatever your business is, you definitely need online marketing aka digital marketing. In fact, nowadays, digital marketing software works as an all-in-one marketing solution. You can opt for using digital ads or go for the organic option; however, growing organically is a time-consuming and tiring process.

Small businesses who are yet to make progress and are making sincere efforts either switch to marketing professionals for digital marketing consulting services or take the matter into their own hands and get themselves into learning about the software for businesses.

In this blog, we will go in detail about digital marketing and what are digital marketing software and apps for better sales. 


What is Digital Marketing? Importance and examples 

Digital marketing is a method of marketing and selling products to the target audience via digital platforms like social media, web browsers and many more. Here, it uses most of the inbound marketing.

Digital Marketing is crucial as most people, i.e around 3.5 billion people, are using the Internet and availing digital platforms. Using these platforms, marketers/clients are reaching audience, which will later become customers and contribute in making growth like never before.

Compared to traditional marketing, which is more inclined to outbound marketing, digital marketing is cost-effective, fast, and can give real-time data. To make a successful digital marketing, special stress on content creation and automation software is given. 


What are digital marketing tools? 

Digital Marketing Tools are important software that allow marketers to create, test and measure the performance of campaigns. Digital marketing companies use software or numerous software dedicated to improving digital marketing performance. From content creation tools to lead generation software, there is a plethora of software. Year by year, the efficiency of all such tools is getting better. These tools are advantageous for small businesses to enterprises of any niche or industry.


Benefits of Using digital marketing tools for Small Businesses 

These digital marketing tools are great for small businesses as they allow you to concentrate on the important things while also giving support to your digital marketing tactics. These tools might help you save money while assisting your company in investing the remaining funds in other aspects.

Overall, some digital marketing tools are available for a free trial while some need to be paid, so small businesses need to research well and have themselves clear on which tool to invest in. 


Some Major Digital Marketing Tools 

As we all know, there are various branches of digital marketing, and digital marketing strategy in social media marketing can be drastically different to SEO, meaning strategy in each platform is different. Thus, the tools to be used need to serve these branches. Let’s discuss them in detail. 


SEO tools 

SEO tools are the digital marketing tools used to investigate the potential of web pages for high placement on search engine ranking, mostly Google. SEO tools can differ from each other in the scope of their function and SEO factors analysis. However, they all provide information on backlinks, keywords, and insights into SEO competition on the Internet. With SEO tools, you can track Keywords, Content, Backlinks, Ranking, Traffic, and Domain.  

Let’s look into the 3 most popular SEO tools in the world. 


Ahrefs SEO Tool

Ahrefs is a software company that develops free training resources for marketing professionals as well as online SEO tools. Ahrefs SEO Tool is one of the SEO tools that loved by the marketers from some of the top organizations. In order to help website owners improve the SEO performance of their websites, Ahrefs Webmaster Tools, as a free tier, was launched in 2020. 

To serve as a foundation for your own brand, you can use Ahrefs to find out which backlinks your competitors have. This SEO tool is used to receive an overview of your best-performing pages, check for broken links on your website, and locate the most shared content in your niche.



Semrush, developed in 2008 by Oleg Shchegolev and Dmitry Melnikov, is a digital marketing tool that aids with search engine optimization of your website. One of the most amazing tools in its toolkit is Keyword Magic Tool which helps in running keyword research and assists you with keyword analysis by using specialized insights.

SemRush reports are calculated on the basis of backlink data (the number of links pointing to the site), organic search data, organic search traffic and keyword positions, and website traffic data (monthly visits). SemRush provides you with information to discover what people are searching for on Google, spot places for link building, and adjust technical aspects of your site to improve SEO ranking. 


Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog is a search marketing agency dedicated to the field of SEO and PPC. It is yet another well-liked SEO tool that enables speedy website analysis for site audits. Screaming Frog provides insights more quickly than most SEO tools available online.

The “SEO Spider tool” of Screaming Frog is the best feature as per leading SEO specialists. This tool also alerts you to copied content, issues that need to be fixed, poor redirects, and link-building improvement areas. Another amazing feature of Screaming Frog is that it enables SEO professionals to conduct a rapid audit and understand what is happening. 


Content Marketing Tools 

In the years to come, there will be an increased demand for content marketers because content marketing isn’t going anywhere. In fact, the most recent Google update stresses the importance of “new and original content to acquire credibility and higher rank.” 

In 2023, you’d need to be creative and knowledgeable about content technology to be a great content marketer. Additionally, as a successful content marketer you must have proficiency with the tools of the trade. It may be overwhelming to process all of the content marketing tools that have surfaced. As a result, you should do your research and make informed purchases of these content marketing tools. 

Some important Content Marketing tools are: 


Content Ideas

These tools help you to get ideas of what people are actually talking about and interested in. Go to Forums, such as Quora, where online communities for content marketers are present, can help you in getting answers about the types of blogs to write. Twitter is also a great tool for content ideas as things trend faster on Twitter, and you can check out topics and hashtags that are relevant to your industry and target audience. 


Image & Graphic and Design Creation

We all know visual content has power over textual content. Adding to this, an enticing design is a must-have in making ads and content for blogs (banners/blog images) and social media.

So as a small business owner, you can switch to such design tools; install these design tools like Canva to create simple yet appealing posts. These tools are great for small businesses as they are available in both free and professional/paid versions. Whereas to get some free images for your design, you can opt for Freepik, StockSnap, Pexels, Unsplash, PicMonkey, etc. 


Content Writing Tools

Your marketing team’s blog, article, or Press Release writing is crucial. You need to upgrade your skills in content writing, so that time, patience, and resources are well-used. Implementing the best content writing tools will surely bring improvement to your team’s content marketing writing skills. For this, you can use Grammarly, Hemingway Editor, Readable, and Plagiarism Checker for grammatically correct, in flow, and original content that appears more humanized. 


Content Management Tools

Without knowing any code, you may quickly establish a website using a CMS (Content Management System) platform (at least for most of them). You might find it difficult to select the finest CMS for your purposes because there are so many options accessible. WordPress is available with various templates, and hundreds of thousands of plug-ins are most loved by users as it is easier to handle and also contributes to SEO. 

Drupal is an important content management tool that is open-source. It is a fantastic choice for developers or those who can afford to hire one. It’s particularly advantageous if you’re planning to create a highly customized site that must manage a large amount of data. Because of Drupal’s unique content kinds, flexibility, and possibilities, adding content is simple. 


Social Media Optimization Tools 

Social media optimization (SMO) is the use of social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, TikTok, and Pinterest to manage and grow an organization’s message and online presence. SMO entails utilizing social media websites to increase a business or organization’s online presence. It can help people learn about new goods and services and help businesses interact with their clients. 

For this, Buzz Sumo is the most used and popular tool. One of the best social media analytics tools, BuzzSumo, ranks content sources according to how successful they are.

The main attributes of BuzzSumo include social media content insights, effective content curation, data exports, customized notifications, personalized interface, open API, advanced data filters, comprehensive social media analytics, and content creator information.  

You can use Buzz Sumo tool to do influencer research in your chosen niche and content research (what kind of material is becoming popular). You may see popular topics around certain keywords by typing them in. For faster social media marketing research, you can configure Buzz Sumo to give you alerts when the desired keyword rises to a specific level. 


Analytics Tools 

Digital marketers can benefit from using analytics tools, which include social media analytics tools like Facebook Insights and Twitter Analytics as well as Google Analytics (built to measure statistics for online visitors to a specific site).

These analytics give engagement-related metrics and aid marketers in refining their campaigns. Marketers can be found employing tools like Periscope to track user data, site searches, and conversion metrics for measuring statistics on a website’s back end. 


Email Marketing Tools 

A powerful email marketing can get your audience/customer/prospects hooked and stay loyal. Most of the available email marketing tools are free or low on cost. Some popular Email Marketing Tools are MailChimp, Sender, Sendinblue, ConvertKit, Campaign Monitor, ReachMail, Mailmodo, and ActiveCampaign. 


Security tools 

Your defence against malware activity is aided by security tools. There are several choices, but 1Password is a well-liked one. It obtains, stores, and retrieves all of your login information in addition to one master password. This tool is compatible with Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and other systems. It provides excellent security and makes use of fingerprint scanning technology to protect users from online hackers. 


Project Management Software 

There are numerous project management software systems to choose from. Both paid and trial versions are available. Asana,, Smartsheet, ClickUp, Teamwork, and Zoho Projects are just some popular names. With project management tools, you can also get aid for your automated marketing. These are the basic project management tools that fulfill your needs of easy tracking and managing tasks, achieving milestones, smoothening workflows, and internal communication. In fact, most of them also offer analytical solid and automation features too. 

Whenever you are choosing a project management software, you must consider the following things: 

  • The tool must allow collaboration on the projects to ease the business team’s work.  
  • These tools must integrate with your current systems. 
  • Choose the tool that supports your business’s increasing needs. 
  • You must look into the cost that can be used in training employees on the tool. 
  • Never neglect the security features and options. 


Inbound Marketing Tools 

Inbound marketing draws leads and prospects by improving brand recognition through the use of Internet content that has been specifically generated. HubSpot marketing, SEMrush, ClickMeeting, and Quora are some popular inbound marketing tools used in Digital Marketing.


Competitor Analysis tools 

Tools for Competitor Analysis are essential. There are tools available for analyzing competitors in social media, SEO, content, email, advertisements, and industries. One popular alternative is Social Blade, which is used for examining and comparing follower counts on platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, among others. 


What are the qualities of a great digital marketing tool? 

  1. The digital marketing tool should enable you to attract buyers and nurture them with personalized campaigns and feed you with Lead Management.  
  2. They must provide you with automated, personalized campaigns to engage potential buyers at all stages of their lifecycle. 
  3. The marketing software should help your sales team so that they can prioritize and interact with leads to close deals faster.
  4. These tools should provide in-depth reporting and analytics features that help you clearly understand the impact and ROI of the input. 
  5.  The software must give social metrics to check social marketing activities that drive conversions and sales.  

Do we have the hacking options available? 

Besides using these tools, you must look for some useful digital marketing hacks to bring more audience and sales. Let’s look into some of the hacks. 

  • Always focus on competitor analysis with the process of segmentation, targeting, position and differentiation. Check on where your competitor is using their budget. Focus on sales and quality. 
  • Check on Facebook‘s page transparency tool to look into ads. 
  • Opt for multichannel marketing, which brings you trust and authority. Since small businesses don’t have enough time and budget, working to create unique pieces of content for every social media platform is pretty not an option. But you can create one unique content and reuse it for other platforms. 
  • You should have an unlimited supply of content which can be done by consuming available content around you, which can be by reading books, podcasts, or videos you watch. So you can also tap in by checking out the tools like Answer the Public. You can use Google to check on popular terms and make content on them. 
  •  You must speed up sales to avoid waiting for customers. For this, make your page and website load time fast i..1 to 2 seconds. 
  • Focus more on getting mobile traffic engagement while focusing on customising the optimisation modes for each page and image and getting full diagnostics. 
  • Get your mindset to the 80/20 Rule, which says i.e. 20% of customers are responsible for 80 % of your revenue. It also indicates that those into ads, top performing campaign would deliver 82.7 % of your sales while the lowest one performs 1.4%. So, here you must stop putting time, money, and energy into your lowest-performing activities.


Which is the best digital marketing company in Sydney? 

There are numerous digital marketing agencies in Australia helping brands to achieve their dream sales number. Among them, NSW IT Support, a leading digital marketing agency in Sydney, stands out.

NSW IT Support is devoted to providing you with full-fledged digital marketing services. We ensure to use the best digital marketing tools such as tracking software, email marketing solutions, cloud-based software marketing reporting tools, along with other digital marketing analytics tools so that we have a good grip on automated marketing and bring the best results.

All in all, we own expertise in all of our digital marketing activities who use designated digital marketing tools and software to yield the maximum benefit for brands(clients) and the company itself.  

You can get in contact with us if you want profit-yielding digital marketing services in Sydney. and grow your business like never before. 




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