“Make your business Digitally available in .com’s”

Without a domain, your business is practically outcasted from e-platform. A domain name is the foundation to take your business online. It helps to promote your product, service and business while at a same time it makes your business distinct, push your business to new leading market and at a same time creates brand in the internet market. 

NSW IT SUPPORT has helped more than 35000 clients to get their business online. We help you to get professional and unique domain name and web hosting service at a very reasonable price. Our keen interest is to help your business grow globally. 


Identify your domain requirements:

  • .asn.au : Used by political parties, trade unions, NPO and charities. 
  • .id.au : Personal websites only for Australian residents and citizens. 
  • .sydney : For business located in Sydney. 
  • .melbourne: For business operating in Melbourne. 
  • .net.au : For technology firms. 
  • .org.au : For charitable trusts and NGO. 
  • .com.au: Can be used by any business to get organic traffic. 


Why Choose NSW IT SUPPORT for Domain Registration?

  • Free domain renewal reminder where we keep track of your domain options and renewal reminders. 
  • DNS Hosting: We offer DNS support, CNAME, TXT, MX, with 99.99% of automation.  
  • Private Registration: We even offer private registration option to protect your site from spammers, telemarketers and fraudsters. 
  • Domain park: If you are not willing to use the domain, we will help you to park it aside. 
  • Domain locking: Safeguard your domain from an intentional transfer of ownership. 
  • Option of Domain extension: Get domain extension according to your business requirement. 
  • No Additional Cost: You only have to pay for your requirement, so no hidden cost. 
  • Customer Support: We have customer representatives available for your assistance 24/7. 

 To get a unique domain, kindly contact us at 1300 138 600 or email us at [email protected] !