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Don’t make these mistakes as your business grow!

During the course of IT consultancy, we came across clients who were dissatisfied with their ongoing shaped IT over the years. Investing more on the issues, we identified high disappointment, where they felt that their outlay never yielded expected returns, where they were looking forward for more flexibility to adapt immediate changes.
When taking a leap to analyze the reason for such failures, we came across the following;

#1. Totally excluding the IT concept

Every business be it SMB or any other, they make this mistake. While most of the business owner totally ignore IT section considering as a sector with no return.
When aiming to grow business, most of the entity prefer to invest on the marketing, inventory and sales sector. But very few consider allocating resources-monetary towards IT.
Moreover, IT is seen as cost-center, rarely prioritizing onto any of its areas.

#2. Going for back dated technology or higher technology which is not suited

This is a contradicting part. For there are SMB’s who are eager to put in monetary for the latest IT operations while they seem to be carried away. The carrying away part is so diluted one that without any R & D (Research & Development) and without even identifying weather its suitable for their business or not?
Our concern is, why to financially drain by investing on fastest computer or largest hard drives when you only get is incremental productivity benefits.

#3. Your team is not on the same page

When bringing in new technologies or IT policies, its your employees who must work regularly. If they are not willing to or not comfortable to work, then what so ever investment you make its sure to fail.
So, before directly jumping for the transition from cloud to desktop, or BYOD make sure your staff stands positively with your decision.

#4. No clue of making its best use

New technology lures you like shiny new toy. Making an investment onto something which is popular without having proper knowledge and without making its maximum use is just a waste.
Make sure you reap maximum from your investment in IT. Make sure to provide your staff ample amount of training regarding its usage.
IT is definitely filled with challenges when you solely have to do it by yourself. It necessitates steep costs when in-house team is formulated. Adding more to the complexity, one needs to precisely decide, the amount of IT investment you assign as an expected return by training your in-house team.
All of this sounds, pretty much daunting and hectic when it needs to be completed by yourself. Whereas, a Managed Service Provider (MSP), has expertise and experience, who can surely be your trusted guide and partner to accomplish the challenges, helping you to make the most of your IT venture.
However, we are now looking forward in turning the managed service provider outsourcing objections to opportunities with a master MSP. Our recent survey addressed high concerns on MSPs when coming to deploying an agency. When its about IT channels, there always has been a mixed review on whether to outsource or not. As a deploying partner, NSW IT Support entirely understand the MSP’s objections and try to root out such concerns.
For every arising concern, NSW IT Support, has taken the step of turning issues to realistic opportunities, to help every business achieve great success.

#1. Customer service as an MSP prospect

For MSP’s like us, customer service is of great concern especially when its outsourced. We always encourage, every prospect to align with their company’s culture.
How you treat each other as team is the solo indicator on how will you treat your clients.
Our NSW IT Support squad are HDI certified. The training standards are of high level to provide first class service. We majorly concentrate on aptitude and attitude. A great customer service can only be acquired through technicians’ experts who have the ability to empathize with every end user by quickly resolving IT issues.
With every resolved issue, end-users are evaluating our service and provide us with continuous feedback.  To keep our services high rated, satisfaction rate is measured.

#2. Control Opportunity

We understand, that you know more about your company than us. Partnering with us, can be risky, so you need a balanced control for that. We believe that, MSP should pose the caliber to maintain ownership and confidentiality of the company. We do everything to help you enhance your business with great reputation.

#3. Tech stack alignment

With so many different technologies its very much difficult to find MSP with concreate tech stack alignment. When MSPs are outsourced, clients look for clean slate, standardization, with flexibility.
We review, every stack opportunity on case to case basis.  Some technologies are flexible, while some are rigids, like firewalls, workstations, email platforms. With solutions we are able to capture more opportunities and understandings that not every customer seeks for similar kind of IT service.
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#4. Profitability for MSPs

MSPs help to scale managed service faster. NSW IT Support help desk is able to resolve 95 per cent of end-user’s IT ticket remotely. This frees up technical allowing them to concentrate more on revenue generating activities.
They are able to scale, with no trouble of having to hire, recruit and train employee. The cost of outsourcing is relatively lower than MSP trying to set up in-house team.
Reap the benefit of out sourced MSP inside Australia. Partner with NSW IT Support, to expand your business. While we take care of your internal IT illusions, you can concentrate on revenue enhancing sector.
Before working as your MSP, we prefer in getting hold of your business background so that a proper strategy and right action is taken to uplift your business. We understand your requirement, future plans and then take steps to achieve positive return.
NSW IT Support, is an Australia based IT company, rendering one stop IT solutions to all its customers. From SMBs to large scale, we work with only one objective and that is client’s prosperity. To know about our Managed IT service, call us today or email us, we will get back to you immediately!

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