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7 Factors to Consider When Choosing an Ecommerce Web Hosting Provider in Australia

Let us allow our imagination to take a stroll for a few minutes. Imagine you have a collection of best products in your ecommerce store, and you know that the product once take marketing approaches is sure to be a game changer amongst the audience.

You are aware of your audience, and you know how you need to launch it before them.  

You are ready to launch it! You have already made your website ready with ecommerce website builder and you cannot wait to take it before your audience.   

Okay now its ready-set-GO! Boom you launch it, but wait what is that? Why is your website unable to take in heavy traffic flow, like what is happening? This was not planned right?  

Now let us straighten it!  

Your ecommerce web hosting plays a significant role in managing your everyday website traffic. Poorly managed servers with slow speed are sure to downturn your traffic and decline your sales.

Your ecommerce web hosting is expected to align with the user interface providing one of the best experience every day.  

It is now clear to you how essential web hosting is for your ecommerce business. With the selection of the right web hosting, you can boost your website performance while selecting the wrong ones can give you everyday headaches.  

In this article we explore best web hosting in Australia and the top seven factors when choosing an ecommerce website hosting provider in Australia.  


Best ecommerce web hosting in Australia


The web hosting company in Australia offers “all in one platform” including hosting, web builders, and a built-in payment system with reliable, and resourceful assistance at the fair price.  

For this we have listed few of the cheap web hosting in Australia for the ecommerce business. We have listed the pricing, suitability, and their pros and cons.  




Ratings (Review) 



9.71/10 (Excellent) 




Blue host 








#1. Blue Host


Best for: Stores seeking monthly turnovers  

Pricing: Starts from $2.95/ month  

Pros: Free SSL certificate + Free domain + Email  

Cons: Costly upgrades and add on features. 

Review: 9.1/10 (Excellent) 


Blue host is known as the cheapest web hosting in Australia. With Bluehost you do not have to stress the site speed even with the high flow of traffic.

A one stop solution for the ecommerce business with website builder, free SSL certification and plenty of features to get your ecommerce store customized.  

The web host offer one click installs, with over $150 offers and money back guarantee.  An all-time favorite webhosting company in Australia with a top-notch support service.

Blue host for the Australian ecommerce business has reliable hosting plans based on the ecommerce needs.  


Cost for web hosting plan in Australia  


The web host has three popular hosting which assures the users to connect with the internet in a most economical way.  



Basic  Plus  Choice plus 


Shared hosting  

$2.95/month  $5.45/mo  $5.45/mo 


Dedicated hosting 

$79.99/month (standard)  $99.99/mo (enhanced)  $119.99/mo (ultimate) 



$18.99/month (standard)  $29.99/mo 







Blue hosting empowers the ecommerce stores without any limits. Users can enjoy the added rewards of free domain for the first year, free SSL certificate (for secure connection), extreme speed, RAID storage, dedicated support, 99.9% guaranteed uptime and advanced user option of root access.  


Therefore, Bluehost web hosting in Australia is reviewed as excellent hosting with 9.1 rating out of 10 


#2. Hostinger


Best for: Agencies with multiple websites 

Pricing: Starts from $1.99 USD/mo 

Pros: Lifetime free SSL certificate + Free domain + Email 

Cons: No daily backups  

Review: 8.7/10 (Very Good) 


Hostinger has been remarked as a best web hosting for Australia by TechRadar, PCMAG and Quicksprout.  The all-in-one web hosting reached its million milestone back in 2011.

The company was established with a goal to provide free web hosting Australia and around the world.   

Hostinger is known for the cheap web hosting in Australia for currently they are running web hosting deals for $2.99/month with a free domain, lifetime SSL, auto script installer, Free Email, DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) protection with a year subscription and Litespeed caching with latest infrastructure updates on your WordPress websites. 

The additional service offered by Hostinger is free migration, ecommerce optimization, cloud fare CDN& DDoS, one clicks WordPress installation and 99.9% guaranteed uptime.  


Cost for web hosting plan in Australia  


For the best australian web hosting for small business you review the pricing of Hostinger and select the webhosting plan for your ecommerce business based on your needs.  


Type of webhosting 

Single  Premium  


Web Hosting Plan 

$1.99 USD/mo  $2,99USD/mo 


Cloud Hosting Plan 

$9.99 USD/mo   $14.99 USD/mo 

$29.99 USD/mo 

WordPress Hosting Plan 

$1.99 USD/mo  $3.99 USD/mo 

$6.99 USD/mo 

Cpanel Hosting Plan 

$2.59 USD/mo (silver)  $3.59 USD/mo (gold) 



Why choose Hostinger as your web hosting server?  


A great web hosting option for the ecommerce business with limited budget. It also offers a perfect environment for success for any best ecommerce platform. You can start small and gradually expand the features and resources through a single fingertip.  

Regarding speed, it immensely decreases website loading time and improve user experience with the presence of large amount of RAM, high-speed CPU with 24/7 expert support.  

Users with gigantic ecommerce can go from Business WordPress plan as you get significant boosts of 200GB SSD storage, unlimited bandwidth and free CDN.  


#3. SiteGround – suited from


Best for: small and large ecommerce business   

Pricing: $3.99/month  

Pros: Free Email + Free CDN + Free SSL + Daily backups  

Cons: High renewal price and limited features in basic plan 

Ratings: 9.71/10 (Excellent) 


An all-time favorite web hosting company in Australia for ecommerce. Why are they most preferred business web hosting Australia because of the powerful servers (Sydney based servers), affordability and above all top-notch support service.   

Officially developed on a Google platform, SiteGround deserves a recognition of best web hosting solutions recommended by WordPress. Hosting your own ecommerce website demands for a one-click WordPress and WooCommerce installation.

The remarkable thing about SiteGround is scalability and affordability.  

The servers built by the SiteGround revolves around WordPress webhosting in Australia, so the infrastructure developed ensures amazing load speed of average time 136.9 ms, earning an A+ ranking 

What more does SiteGround offer to the ecommerce users? Full-fledged web solution with your choice of free website builder for Australia (WordPress or Weebly).

You can also smoothly transfer your website for free with easy-to-use WordPress Migrator plugin. You can also start your online shop with free installation of shopping cart, including free features such as SSL, and daily backup service.

The hosting platform also provides optimized support for multiple SQL based CMS and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) apps.  

The web hosting server is built for performance on the Google Cloud infrastructure with speed optimization. For ecommerce seeking domain hosting within Australia, SiteGround has domain registration, DNS and transfer allowing the users to manage website and domain from a single point.  


Cost for web hosting plan in Australia  


Type of hosting 

Startup  GrowBig 


Web hosting plan 

$3.99/month  $6.69/month 


WordPress hosting plan 

$3.99/month  $6.69/month 


WooCommerce hosting 

$3.99/month  $6.69/month 


Cloud hosting 

$100/month  $300/month 


Reseller hosting 

$6.69/month  $10.69/month 




Which web hosting plan from SiteGround is best for you? The GrowBig plan is suited for ecommerce allowing the users to collaborate, manage white label hosting service, and configure user access with customized packages.

The GrowBig plan for WooCommerce has unlimited websites, 20GB web space allowing 100,000 monthly traffic, free WP installation & WP migrator, enhanced security, Free CDN and Email with on-demand daily backups.  


#4. HostGator


Best for: Scalable ecommerce website  

Pricing: $2.75/month 

Pros: Free domain + Free SSL+ Free Email 

Cons: Slow support service  

Ratings: 9/10 (Excellent) 


Since 2002, HostGator has become a popular web hosting company and hosts 10 million domains. With -click Word Press installation, 24/7 support and 99.9% uptime its indeed a smart choice for the ecommerce business.

We consider HostGator as the best web hosting solution for any web design in Australia because of its reliability, free SSL and domain, free business email address with 45-days money back guarantee.   

HostGator has been reviewed as A+ performance with average 1.03s load time and average response time of 143.4ms with live chat support. The stack option offered by HostGator includes feature rich cloud, virtual private server (VPS), WordPress and dedicated server package.  


Cost for web hosting plan in Australia  


Type of hosting 

Hatchling plan  Baby plan 

Business plan 

Shared hosting 

$2.75/month  $3.50/month 


WordPress hosting 

$5.95/month  $7.95/month 



Dedicated hosting 

$89.98/month  $119.89/month 


VPS hosting 

$23.95/month  $34.95/month 



HostGator dedicated server is available for both Linux and Windows with dedicated server package with the value tier starting from $89.98/month.

With the web hosting package, you get 8GB RAM, 1TB HDD, Unmetered bandwidth, Intel Xeon D CPU with 4core/ 8 thread.  

With the plan you get 100% server control, DDoS protection, IP-based firewalls, and flexible controls.  


For Best Hosting Service Provider with reliable cost Contact: NSWIT Support


7 Factors to Consider When Choosing an Ecommerce Web Hosting Provider in Australia


When coming to ecommerce hosting, the top priority the users must give is on security followed by website speed. When taking the web hosting services make sure the resources are scalable and which can handle massive traffics.

Another factor is automatic backup with excellent customer support. Apart from the mentioned we have listed few more factors when selecting an ecommerce webhosting provider in Australia.  


1. Understanding the requirement of your ecommerce website  


Before taking up Google and researching on the best web site host in Australia, figure out your requirement. So, ask a question, what type of traffic you are expecting?  And the kind of framework used in developing the ecommerce website.  

Though it is a basic requirement, you still need to answer it for more detailing. For in the later stage, it makes the entire selection for web hosting easier. If you are going for WooCommerce, consider a managed hosting provider.  


2. Scalability in resources  


Do not take a web hosting which does not offer scalability feature. With discounts, sales and constant offers your hosting plan should be able to handle the immediate traffics in your website. Few of the resources, that should hold scalability are: 


  • Adding RAM and CPU for managing the surge.  
  • Ecommerce hosting solution offering cloud migration.  


Scalable hosting is a requirement for any ecommerce website. It is possible that the website may experience a surge in traffic during holiday seasons, sales and promotions, and other factors.

You should be able to scale up your ecommerce hosting plan to accommodate the spike in traffic when this occurs. 

 For your customers to have a positive shopping experience, all resources such as CPU, RAM, and storage must be easily scalable. 


3. Bandwidth and unlimited storage 


Your ecommerce site today though has very few products listed; it will scale up making it a heavy one. Which means videos, product image, plugins, take lot of space.

Additionally, the site also receives high traffic which requires more space and storage. Choose a bandwidth and storage with unlimited option or else you will end up paying more.  


4. Checking the uptime score  


As you are selling stuff online, your users may show their presence any time. Hence, your website needs to be fast, and running 24/7, 365 days (about 12 months).

The web hosting provider you choose for your ecommerce business in Australia should guarantee quick load time 99.99%. If your website goes down for any reason just remember the customer who visited your website during the period is never going to come back.  

Do not use shared hosting if you have a well-established ecommerce business for there can be frequent downtime with loss in revenue. Look for a plan which offers constant uptime monitoring with continuous chat or email support.  


5. Examine the renewal price  


When purchasing a web hosting plan, you need to get aware of the sign-up price and renewal price.  

Most of the web hosting Australia is free as an initial sign-up plan and later you end up paying more on the renewal.  

It is a standard practice of the hosting company to hike up the renewal cost. Instead try to take up web hosting that are reasonable even during the sign up and renewal. Check the terms and conditions for the renewal of web hosting.  


6. Look out for essential features in web hosting  


Basic features needed for the websites are available in all the web hosting plans, but you need to search for more. You need to check if there are other essential features such as one-click installer, DNS management, file manager, free website builder in Australian web hosting, spam control, domain privacy, sub-domain and email control which would be valuable for your ecommerce website. 

You may experience issues with your ecommerce website even if you have all the right tools and plugins in place. 

 The host you choose should be able to get in touch with you in such a time and offer you the right solution for the situation.

Your ecommerce hosting provider must offer 24/7 support to help you get back to doing business whether your website speed is affected, you need to upgrade your resources to handle the traffic, or there’s been an attack.   


7. Ecommerce back up and customer support  


Security and backups are crucial elements for the ecommerce website. It is obvious that you will face circumstances of website failure or virus issue.

A good back up policy is always handy when you can instantly revert your website. A free web hosting in Australia will not be able to cater your issue whereas taking up monthly subscription web hosting plan assures you with constant support and monitoring.  

Ecommerce websites require regular backups of their data. Automated backups protect files and data from ecommerce websites. Changing some crucial settings can lead to database corruption, and it can cause big losses.

Getting everything up and running again might be impossible or extremely time-consuming if you don’t have the most recent backup. Automatic backups are a crucial part of your e-commerce hosting plan’s security.   

Before taking up the subscription do not take annual subscription instead go for monthly plans and then decide. Also explore how the web hosting company providers take regular back up of your website with responsive support either through chat, email, or telephone.  

Research and take time in reading the reviews provided by the web hosting users on different forums.  




Starting an ecommerce business is indeed challenging and filled with pressure which requires you to understand every website related stuff.

Choosing a reliable web hosting company which offers best website builders in Australia would reduce your burden to half giving you a fully functionable high-performance ecommerce site.  

So, when choosing a web hosting product for your ecommerce business, consider the key factors that we have mentioned above, you can also explore more factors based on your requirements and then go for the web hosting that keeps your ecommerce business running.  

Also look for e-commerce platform which are ready to scale as per the business needs.   

The other way round, is experience. The only way to figure out the best web hosting in Australia is through your own experience, for that you can take a monthly subscription and switch the providers if you dislike the service.  

If you want to discuss your ecommerce presence in the digital platform, you can take support from our consultant