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I2020, nearly 306.4 billion email were received and sent every day. Almost everyone in the world has email address and email marketing continues to derive the highest ROI (Return on Investment). The figure is expected to incline to 347 billion by 2023, making the email marketing strategies the most essential strategies for your business. Email marketing is the most effective marketing channel, for which when you spend a dollar can expect a return of nearly $51.  

These days, reading minds don’t seem as difficult. Here’s how you can give your audience a sense of being able to read their minds. 

Differentiating yourself from your competition might be demonstrating empathy for your readers. 

Now, probably you wonder how you can do this. It seems easy for big companies, but you don’t have a big team, and you don’t have a marketing budget. 

Don’t worry! Don’t worry! Don’t worry! EDM marketing is an efficient and effective way of developing long-term relations. 

It is a great strategy to promote your brand, strengthen relations with customers and increase customer loyalty. Digital marketing is also one of the few policies that do not need a large budget. 


Never heard of EDM marketing? We believe you are not the only one! 

What is EDM or Electronic Direct Mail Marketing? Electronic Direct Mail (EDM) is an e-mail marketing tool to build a customer and prospects e-mail database. You will send relevant promos directly via e-mail, which will keep your company in front of you until you are ready to engage your services. 

EDMs use various forms of communication to conduct a campaign as a digital marketing strategy. These channels can include advertising campaigns, PPCs and  

Social media to build loyalty to consumers and generate a conversion. 

Please continue reading for further information on EDM marketing, why it is essential and how to start today. 


What’s the difference between EDM and Email Marketing? 

E-Mail marketing is only for sending e-mails, but EDM is not. EDM goes beyond communication with e-mail. 

E-mails are used by both e-mail marketing and EDM. However, EDM goes a step further with other forms of communication to strengthen the message. 

There are also other tactics included in EDM, including: 

Put these differences aside, and between e-mail marketing and EDM, there is a great deal of similarity. Moreover, the output is almost identical on both ends – relations, leadership and brand loyalty are established. 


Benefits of executing EDM tactics in your business   

  1. Ability to analyse and track

It’s challenging to analyse most digital marketing techniques. It’s impossible, often. However, e-mail marketing is above everything else because it is easy to measure. 

Through analytical tools, you can track the performance of your e-mails, social media posts, and paid publicity. These data can then be used to perform A/B testing or to optimise the results of your EDM. 

  1. Efficiency of cost

E-mail marketing generates about $43 in return for each $1 you invest. E-mail marketing becomes one of the most effective ways of increasing your ROI. EDM includes other platforms and could increase your return. 

  1. Capacity Customisation

Three of the four companies (77 per cent) say they’re sending personalised messages via e-mail. In addition, digital advertising targeting capabilities are increasing. 

It is vital to deliver a personalised message when they need you to get to the right people. It is, therefore, meant that most enterprises invest in it time and money. 

  1. Creates confidence and awareness of a brand

E-mail marketing is the authorisation of this person to hear from you. It is the authorisation. You can build on this trust through the additional ways of EDM marketing. It allows you to establish a long-term relationship via retargeting ads, e-mail and social media. 

When can EDM marketing be used? 

Along with other marketing channels, EDM may be used. 

It is a strategy that you would like to consider if you find it difficult to rely exclusively on e-mail marketing. You can reload the e-mail links from Google Ads Remarketing or Facebook Custom Audiences, for example, with this strategy. 

An important reminder of 101: a quality list results better. You want to make sure that you update your e-mail database occasionally. Make sure the e-mail list is segmented correctly and make sure all is clean. 


What Makes EDM Important for Your Business? 

  • Simple but effective  

A lot of your customers are too busy to read promotional e-mails from your mailing list. Make sure you always pay attention to your EDMs by having the content directly at hand. You enable your readers to understand your message without hesitation. 

To send your audience a clear message that coincides with well-structured contents from beginning to end. It is, therefore, essential to ensure the goal and purpose of your content.  

Remove the unnecessary information you already know, such bits and pieces and any other written material you do not believe will encourage them to take action. 

  • Directed towards a goal 

Far from the “sticks” techniques of traditional media and some forms of modern marketing, e-mail explosion campaigns tend to be more targeted. 

Also, e-mail beneficiaries have changed a lot. These days they are more discerning, and they can easily distinguish between a genuine company and one that tries to encourage them to take action. 

You need genuinely to help your customers with EDM. First of all, they need them. 

The first rule to create an EDM campaign is that your audience is limited to a particular demographic. It requires you to segment and makes offers that are in perfect harmony with each group’s requirements. 

  • A mobile friendly interface 

Latently, mobile use was on the rise. In our speech, adult users spend even more than watching TV on mobile devices. 

The good thing about EDM is that mobile customers can be optimised and kept in future referral. You can create contents that spread beautifully across various devices. 

  • Trustworthy and professional 

Your EDM should be organised and pleasing to the eye besides having concise and focused content. Just as anyone in a business cleanly and professionally projects his image, a sophisticated EDM provides your audience with an authoritative kind of branding. 

To achieve your EDM would be best served by a qualified graphic designer. They will know how to use colours, space, and other relevant principles of EDM design thinking that will undoubtedly help you get your audience’s attention. 

In addition, your graphic designer would also be able to quickly and easily make your EDM a better user experience. 


A checklist to include in your next EDM campaign 

Imagine you opening your email and finding it a sales email, what would you do? You would probably unsubscribe it. Nobody wants to receive sales email blandly pushing you to purchase their stuff through your mail. 

So, what can be done. You can simply, use the following examples to change things to keep your readers engaged and make them understand more about your product/service.  

  • Understand the reader behind the screen 

Survey to understand your audience for the best input. Bonus, if you can offer something “free” and valuable in return. Example: Giving your readers a “Starbuck” coupon, or a discount coupon.  

  • A guide to resolve the problems 

From the obtained information from the survey, develop a guide that allows your audience to get a solution to the problem. Example, create a link or a video which addresses your audience issues just for “FREE”. 

  • Personalised content 

Sending appropriate content your users based on their interests. From the survey you must have understood the specific topic they are interested in, so you can just add them in your content in the form of graphics, video and eBooks to encourage them to visit your website.  



Think of the e-mails in your inbox that catch your attention and that you never bother reading when creating a successful EDM. Analyse the good and the bad and use the knowledge to leverage your subsequent efforts on e-mail marketing. 

The digital marketing industry is proud to offer leading EDM marketing services that do not cost you a leg and arm. It is a straightforward process offering basic informationIn the form of capturing and generating revenue, you will see quantifiable results. So do you want to stay ahead in the marketing competition? If yes, choose the EDM approach, if not sure whom to rely on the digital marketing, you can collaborate with us!



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