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Web Hosting Service for Education Service Provider

Unlike other big giant organization, an educational institution often faces the challenge of coping with the technological variations with progression within their monetary allocation like web hosting. However, with upscaling demand for website reliability, scalability and security the operating costs too surge simultaneously. As technology progression is carrying forward everyday education sector is seeking way outs to integrate students, staff and faculties towards more reliant yet sophisticated features to effectively manage their communication & interaction factor across multiple devices.
Before directly leaping onto the services offered by IT companies, in Australia, to education sector better know what web hosting service really is followed by it types;
Web hosting is a service which allows educational industries to post webpage on the internet platform. These hosted websites are stored in a special computer called server. When any staffs, students or faculty want to visit your website all they need to do is type a website address into their browser. Before launching your website, it is important for your organization to take hosting service. If you don’t have one your IT service provider will help you.
Before getting hold of hosting service, one needs to know about their requirements (website, server and budget needs) and select the most suitable hosting amongst the hosting options; website builders, shared hosting, dedicated hosting and collocated hosting.

  • Website Builders: It caters the website beginners who have no technical skills but who need to host a website. This requires no additional setup and is available with an online browser-based interface to develop a website.
  • Shared Hosting: A server is shared with other website owners. The server here means software applications and physical server. Shared hosting is comparatively cost efficient as the server is shared between other websites owner.
  • Dedicated Hosting: You owe the server. This allows faster performance of website while the operating costs will increase followed by a higher level of security.
  • Collocated Hosting: You will purchase your own server with all web hosting facilities and full ownership. You can install any applications or scripts.

NSW IT SUPPORT offers web hosting service to educational institutes with reliability with largest communication network with world class speed, security, and uptime. Our web hosting service profoundly includes,

  • Unlimited Data Transfer and Storage: Transfer capacity to ensure stability, availability and fast loading service. The cloud-based platform provides limitless data storage service.
  • Data Protection & Security: Total maintenance and hosting solution with regular monitoring and security audit.
  • Backup Management: Ensures maximum performance and reliability. In any inconvenient situation, your data can be restored back to full security.
  • FERPA (Family Education Rights and Privacy Act): We comply with FERPA standards to safeguard student data.
  • 99% uptime service: We make sure your website is live all the time.

NSW IT SUPPORT offers tailored service to every educational institution. Our web hosting services for the educational sector is reasonable and reliable. To know more contact us at 1300 138 600!

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