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You might be thinking about “What are the ad types on digital marketing and which type of ad to select from different ads?”

If so, the cheapest and most reliable way is to advertise on Facebook via Facebook ads which are available in various ad formats. Launching your first ad can be a bit of a new experience, but with time and experience when you will run ads, you will thoroughly see a growth in your ad performance. With effective Facebook ads, which are paid ads, the desire of yours to get your business on Facebook to make progress.

These ads come as a saviour since nowadays, to flourish organically is way too hard and the organic approach will not help your business page to grow.

To help you place your ads or run your ads, you can opt for a professional ads specialist or a Facebook ads company that can handle a single ad or multiple ads, simple ads or canvas ads or can play with different ad types at once. These companies will always help you to get your campaign goals and eventually make ad content that is sure to convert.

In this blog, we will look into the details of Facebook ads campaigns, ad placements, steps to create a campaign and many more. 


What is a Facebook ad campaign? 

A Facebook ad campaign is a collection of ad sets and ads that work together to achieve a common goal, such as raising the number of app installs or generating leads. 


What is necessary to run Facebook ad Campaign? 

To run a Facebook ad campaign, you need an Ad accounts, which is to be associated with a business manager, must have two-factor authentication turned on( to prevent hacking or trouble with ads account). Also, you should have: your Facebook pixel setup for both browser and server-side (to track all the data), a verified domain, aggravated event measurement, method of payment on file(for your specific ad account) and link your Facebook page and Instagram Business Page/Account to you ad account inside your business manager. 


Difference between Facebook ad and Facebook ad campaign 

Facebook ads are online ads made and distributed on Facebook. Moreover, Facebook ads are a type of display ad which can only be seen by the platform’s users who have been selected using Facebook’s targeting tools. These ads give you the flexibility to write ads in your own language and reach the target audience.

Talking about Facebook ad campaigns, each ad set in a campaign may contain one or more ads. When you establish an ad set, all of the ads in the set are automatically affected by the decisions you make at the ad set level. 


How can Facebook ad campaign help? 

For most marketers, using Facebook for sponsored advertisements seems like must-do activity. Facebook ads are more likely to be seen by your target audience. As we all know, Facebook also gathers a lot of users’ data, we can use them to develop ads and post-click landing pages that are precisely targeted to your target audience. Investing in Facebook ad campaign is beneficial because: 

  • Facebook now has around 3 billion monthly active users, where 83% are women and 75% are men. This means making ads on Facebook can get you to earn large traffic.  
  • People spend a lot of time on social networks, and thus marketers can leverage this time to put the right Facebook ads in front of the right people. 
  • With Facebook ad campaigns, businesses can target users by location, demographics, age, gender, interests, behavior, and much more. 
  • These Facebook ad campaigns also boost brand awareness as your brand pop-up into more users’ timelines and get you noticed, and if they like, they can even make a purchase. 
  • These Facebook ads can help you reach a higher audience as you can develop your ad for target users easily. 


Types of Facebook Ads 

There are 8 types of Facebook Ads which are crucial to attract audiences. 


Image Ads

Making an appealing image for advertisements and posts is important because a picture always tells a story. Here, in image ads you can use a single image and have your desired good, service, or offers featured on the image. Facebook Image ads are also called Facebook Photo ads are straightforward and thus, you must ensure to use an image that has a compelling design and a clear message. 


Video Ads

While image ads can work wonderfully, video ads are considerably more effective because viewers today prefer watching videos to reading other types of material. Additionally, video advertisements are a great way to inform and market businesses to consumers.

Therefore, while creating video commercials, you must incorporate important facts into a video with appealing filters and effects. GIFs are another option if you want to increase interest in and engagement with your page or company. 


Carousel Ads

Carousel ads have multiple images  to display which makes  brands easier to tell brand stories. You can opt for emotional connection with  your audience to capture their attention.

In a carousel post, you can use a minimum of 2 and maximum of 10 videos or photos highlighting your company, service, or product. Using these ads, you can stress the advantages, offers, and characteristics of the brand and product or list several products together with their features. 


Video Poll Ads

In comparison to other video ads, Facebook video poll ads are more successful. Utilizing Video Poll Ads will help you engage your audience more and give them a sense of involvement in the development of your business. However, video polls ads are a mobile-only ads. 


Dynamic Ads

When buyers choose a product, add it to their cart, and then forget to proceed with their order, a dynamic advertisement will appear on the screen to remind them. Dynamic Ads are developed on the basis of users’ behaviour and are frequently used for retargeting. Products, prices, discounts, and many other things can change. 


Messenger Ads

Those ads that appear in your audience’s Facebook Messenger are known as Messenger Ads. In such ads, users are targeted to get more inclined to initiate interaction with a brand. Even though they look like regular ads and when clicked, it directs the audience to Messenger. 


Story Ads

Stories Ads are practical, efficient, approachable, and accessible which are full-screen and vertically formatted videos.  


Lead Ads

In order to convince audiences to get connected, lead ads are created specifically for mobile devices. The audience can be encouraged to ask questions about the products they are interested in, join up for the brand’s email, or try out a new service. 


Some key terms in Facebook ads 

  • Facebook ad campaign Proposal 

A Facebook ad proposal is a sales document that outlines an agency’s services and how the agency intends to handle a client’s Facebook ad campaign. You can sell potential customers on your advertising services in such a proposal, giving you the chance to manage ad campaigns. The hardest aspect for many digital marketers is creating a quality Facebook ad proposal. 


  • Facebook ad campaign Performance 

Facebook Ads Campaign Performance checks that your message is being shown to the intended audience by evaluating the success of your campaign for the time period of your choice. This performance measure gives you clear information about the performance of your Facebook ad by concentrating on just one campaign. 


  • Facebook ad Manager 

Facebook Ads Manager is a tool for creating, editing and analyzing paid Facebook promotion programs. Ads Manager facilitates creating and overseeing advertising campaigns across numerous Facebook-owned advertising platforms. 


Necessary Elements of your Campaign on Facebook 

  • A strong objective: A Facebook ad campaign can live or die based on its ability to help a company achieve its overall objective. If your objective is to generate sales for your e-commerce business, you could offer people certain discounts on their first order. 
  • Focus On the “Audiences”: Facebook’s advanced features tightly focus on your target people who are actually into making a purchase. So an ad campaign should always generate the sales results you need. 
  • Focus on Remarketing: People may forget about a product or service at first glance, but you can attract them via remarketing. Also, people who have already interacted with your business are often your best sales leads and can be targeted for the best results. 
  • Facebook ad creative can have imagery and well-written ad copy are invaluable parts of your Facebook ads. Always ensure to get that CTA done by the viewer. 


Steps to run your first Facebook campaign 2023 

Before starting the discussion on steps major things, you should know to create your Facebook ad campaign, so let’s start with elements of ads: 

  1. Campaigns.  
  2. Ad sets(different ads to target different audiences with different characteristics). 
  3. Ads, which can vary in terms of colour, copy, images, etc. 


Let’s look into the steps in detail so that you can craft a Facebook ad campaign effectively. 

  1. First, you should open Facebook Ads Manager and login with your account. Here you will be managing your or your client’s page.[ To use the Facebook Ads Manager, you’ll need a Facebook Business Page because you can’t run ad through personal profiles.] 
  2. As soon as you log in to the Ads Manager, a performance dashboard will appear with a list of all of your campaigns, ad sets, and ads. This dashboard will be blank if you haven’t already created an advertisement for your Facebook page. To create a new campaign, ad set, or ad through the Facebook Ad Manager, tap on “Create” to start making your first Facebook ads campaign. 
  3. Set the campaign objective. You can choose what suits your marketing strategy from the given list of objectives. All you have to do is click on the options to check them. Previously, campaign objectives were found in 3 columns which included Awareness Consideration and Conversion. But now, in this portion, you can see numerous objectives: brand awareness, reach, traffic, engagement, leads, app install, video views, messages, conversion, catalogue sales, and store traffic. 
  4. Name your campaign. 
  5. Now you can establish your audience. You have to go to sources and meta sources to choose the custom audience. For this, you can choose a custom audience where sources you can select location, age range, gender, people who have purchased from your site 45 days ago, etc. You can have a detailed targeting that includes behavioural aspects. You can select language too. [Due to recent updates on Apple, which is not sharing the data, it has caused Facebook to lack data thus, it is better to keep your audience broad]. 
  6. The next step is to set up a campaign budget or set your budget. For this, decide on the type of budget you want to choose; you can choose either a daily or lifetime budget. Pro tip: When selecting a daily budget on Facebook Ads Manager, you must make sure not to exceed your daily budget. You can select a start date and an end date for a specific sale. [ You can notice a new term here,” Advantage Campaign Budget”, which actually campaigns budget optimization, meaning you set a budget at a campaign level and Facebook will distribute your budget all across your different audiences of yours and all o the different ads. You can turn it on at the Campaign level or ad set level.] 
  7. Now you need to create your ad, which can be of any ad type. For single image ads, ensure to have the text of 125 characters text and 25 characters for ad headline, while for Multi-image ads, the text can be 125 characters, while the headline of 40 characters and the Link description of 20 characters. Give ads name and copy and upload your media file in the given sizes. 
  8. Now, you need to establish where your Facebook ad is going to be displayed on your audience’s screens: Desktop News Feed, Mobile News Feed, and Desktop Right Column. For this, Go to Placements and select between Advantage + and Manual placements. You can set your cost-per-click goal where you will offer a certain budget, but to be precise, this kind of goal can limit Facebook AI, so be conscious of this. 
  9. Have a look at “Preview of your Facebook Ad” so that you don’t need to make supplementary changes and can do the manual upload. 
  10. Hit the publish button after being satisfied with the ad. Congratulations, your ad campaign has been launched. Make sure to have all the tracking to measure ad performance metrics and report on performance. 

Dos and Don’ts of a Facebook ad campaign 

Dos of Facebook Ad Campaign

  •  Define Goals Up Front to customize campaigns to reach ideal audiences. 
  •  Study Successes and Weaknesses of competitors or other brands who have run similar campaigns. You can learn about the effective approach.  
  •  Be personable and relevant to enhance the humanization factor on campaigns to build bona fide connections with audiences.  
  • Perform A/B Test to Gauge Performance to see what performs best and go with the one that does well. 


Don’t of Facebook Ad Campaign

  • Neglect the ad copy; always be short and sweet. 
  • Don’t use sloppy or choppy language.  
  • Don’t Forget to Follow Up when recruiting prospective customers. 
  • Mislead People with unintended messages or implications 
  • Don’t use any content that has low-quality features or over-exaggerated concepts. Also, make less use of text inside the image. 
  • Don’t violate Facebook guidelines. 


Finding the perfect Facebook ads managing company in Sydney 

Facebook & Instagram are two leading social media platforms that allow you to run. Just have an ads account, create a good creative for the ad, set a budget, and launch the ads- As simple as that. You can have an in-house person or an agency be a manager to create relevant and attractive ads for both B2C and B2B businesses.

Thus, launching an ad properly needs expertise, and for that, people look for a great Facebook Ads expert in Australia. Among the various names, NSW IT Support stands out. 

NSW IT Support is one of the leading Facebook marketing companies in Sydney, which provides services on Facebook ads and campaign management. We help businesses by suggesting what, when, and how to use which assets for ads and later strategies to choose to grow business online. We scale brands using powerful creatives and great ad copy in order to improve existing campaigns. 


Our key strengths when we create Facebook ads in order to get the best results are as follows:  

  • Campaign Strategy for improved sales funnel and funnel and re-marketing campaigns.  
  • Creative Design for beautiful ad creatives for your brand – from scratch,  
  • We target the Right Audience after understanding your buyer personas. 
  • Rigorous Optimization & Reporting to avoid “ad fatigue” and test new ideas and strategies to improve your ROI. 

All in all, using all our strength and expertise, we make sure to award you with the stats that indicate better performance of your ads. For any digital marketing services in Sydney, including running Facebook Ads, we are here for you. Do get in touch with us if you want your Facebook ads to do wonders. 



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