NSWIT is specialized in providing IT services to Family Day Care. We have worked closely with several family day care service providers including Kids Village Family Day Care. Where we developed document management system like time-sheets to maintain and record list of Educators and children. Simultaneously, we developed compliance management system to assist family day care to keep track of documents, time-sheets, field visits, and expiry date of educators’ and children’s documents. We provide quality and professional IT solutions to manage their accounting and management system.  


Reasons for hiring NSW IT SUPPORT to manage IT department in Family Day Care & Aged Care, in NSW Australia; 

  • Our Pricing Model: 

We have no hidden charges tucked secretly inside any of our services. Our prices are transparent and comparatively lower. We adopt billing services as per client’s suitability i.e monthly, quarterly or yearly.  

  • Expertise & Experienced: 

We have certified engineers and support providers who are in the IT fields for more than decades. You get to outsource the qualified individuals at a fraction of cost of employing and training them.  

  • Preventing & Resolving Technical problems: 

We have worked with several sectors of industries so far, therefore we combat with any kind of situation. We provide unlimited access to Service Desk and monitor your system 24/7 days. We also take up security updates to prevented unwanted security and privacy issues.  

  • Advice & Assist: 

Technology changes can be quite tricky. Your business needs to ensure that you work is minimally affected by the changes. So, we are available to advise and assist you in every minor problem. 


 What does NSW IT SUPPORT offer Family Day Care, in IT services? 

  • Upgrade hardware and software or purchase new hardware and software to comply with statutory regulations. 
  • Examine and recommend unbreakable wireless network & solutions. 
  • Provide Microsoft Office package at a discounted rate. 
  • Provide telephony system with virtual numbers, toll free numbers or VoIP service. 
  • Install IVR recording to connect branch and departments of Family Day Care. 
  • Host and develop websites to generate donations for day care. 
  • Provide economical mobile plans for the staffs working in the Day Care. 
  • Comprehensive maintenance service to regular examine the network, hardware and software of the Day Care. 

To configure or handle the overall IT sector of your Family Day & Aged Care Care contact us at 1300 138 600 or email us at [email protected] !