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How You Felt After Visiting Your Companies Overseas Office?

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How You Felt After Visiting Your Companies Overseas Office?

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In February 2017, I flew to Australia to spend 4 weeks working in NSW office there. I normally work in NSW IT Support office with a few groups in Nepal. I was very excited because I never had an opportunity to work abroad.

How I felt After Visiting Company Overseas Office?

I found out that this is a great way to gain a better understanding of the company like NSW IT Support. When you meet your colleagues for the first time, after hours of talking to them on the phone, it’s an old experience. I had got to know my colleagues but in a different way to those that I spend every day working in the same office with. And now, in NSW, when I’m on the phone talking to someone in the NSW office, I have a better understanding of the person I am talking to.

The way NSW office works is very different to the one in Nepal. The office is always full of people talking, working and communicating with clients. There are no periods of silence unlike Nepal small office. Working in NSW IT Support was exciting. You wake up and feel ready for work with different people and different challenges. I liked everything, debating problems, talking to them, and most importantly having fun with them. I realized that all our goals were aligned and everyone, Nepal and NSW office were all working towards same vision.

The working day felt a lot different, as there always people in the office, more people worked and left the office later than in Nepal. It would get to around 6 and people would start chatting and sometimes go out for dinner and the fun stuff would begin. This still happens in Nepal but less due to there being smaller group of employees and therefore less people to go out with.

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