The Flex Revolution
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The Flex Revolution is Here: Is Your Phone System Ready?

The Covid-19 pandemic feels like it’s taking forever to control, but office workers are undergoing changes at an unbelievably fast rate. It was possible to work from home before the Coronavirus, but it was not mainstream. 

Businesses embraced homeworking, but the practice was usually reserved for situations requiring a high level of tranquillity and complete peace, a sick child or an appointment with the doctor. Employers with less trust in their boss view working from home as a skive – how is it possible for them to expect their employees to complete their work, not watch daytime TV, or not shop for food? 

In consequence, very few businesses catered to home working before the pandemic. 

It is a well-known fact that things have changed! It appears that what was started hastily, at the government’s request, will become the norm. Several businesses offer or are in the process of implementing plans that allow employees to work at home, at the office regularly, or wherever else they like. The new buzzword is ‘hybrid working’. 

There is no problem with trusting employees. Productivity has increased as a result. There is a good balance between work and life for many of them. And yes, businesses are embracing the change. Do their systems support the Flex Revolution?

Many businesses lack up-to-date phone systems.

Telephone products designed for primarily office-based workers are, unfortunately, no longer relevant. Transferring and answering calls is a bit sketchy. Complex supply chains make it difficult to make changes to the setup. On systems not explicitly designed for remote working, working remotely can prove costly. 

The future is in cloud-based VoIP telephony, and this is an example of how to leverage the flexible working revolution. 

The ability to work worldwide is enabled by using remote cloud-based servers. Connect to the internet from anywhere and answer calls. Await prompt responses from the right people for all calls. Experience enhanced customer and user satisfaction with apps. 

Users will answer and respond to calls regardless of whether they are working in an office, at home, or hiking. 

VoIP Unlimited’s popular PC Pro-recommended VoIP Exchange is now endorsed by the prestigious magazine as being ideal for the Flex Revolution because of its flexibility. In general, VoIP platforms provide voice service over the internet. However, not all of these services are as flexible and professional as others. 

VoIP Exchange provides flexible phone solutions, so how is it better than other providers?  The first thing to consider is internet network provision. 

When VoIP systems rely on other people’s networks, who is responsible if something goes wrong? We don’t know! There will be an answer; however, it may take a while to find it! Both the VoIP system and the network providers can get blamed for sluggish service. 

On the other hand, VoIP Exchange runs on VoIP-Unlimited’s network. We control our VoIP platform and our network/customer solutions to detect and resolve issues quickly – we won’t waste time passing the buck between departments. 

The right business phone system for you may be Voip, Agree? 

Whatever the size of your company is, communication is always the key to surviving in a competitive environment. Technology advancements have given us great solutions for establishing a perfect communication system that does not rely on old-fashioned phone lines. Nevertheless, many business owners are still conflicted about switching between Landline and VoIP phone systems. 

Managing your team’s productivity while maintaining low costs is a tricky problem. It is not just possible to make and receive calls with a business phone system. Communication solutions from the top can integrate messaging, conferences, and more for improved communication. Business VoIP Service Providers or phone systems are very important for your business. Many factors get considered. Making the right choice is easy because we made it simple for you. 

Bringing together different features and mobility options for businesses and the workforce, today’s businesses are switching to phone systems to make and receive calls and unify their communication systems. Cloud Business Phone Systems with hosting capabilities have expanded the options available to companies to an ever greater degree since VoIP- Voice over Internet Protocol gets launched. 

Choosing the right provider that fits your needs can be complicated with so many providers available. As a first step, you should ask yourself: What type of connection do you need, how do you want the hosting, what budget are you working with, what features do you need, what collaboration tools, what mobility options, and how do you manage your employees. 

Basic requirement: Choosing the best Australian VoIP phone system 

Connection over the phone 

Do VoIP work without internet connection? A VoIP system operates over the internet, whereas traditional lines work with copper wiring. This is the most crucial step in choosing the best phone system. As VoIP phone systems are cheaper to maintain and install, a growing number of organisations are switching to them. 

System virtualisation 

The use of virtual systems is typically recommended for remote workers or businesses without an office. Calls get transferred from the main business number to an employee’s home or mobile device using the virtual systems’ call forwarding services. You can use it for call screening, online faxing, voicemail, as well as automated attendants. 

Providers of hosting services 

Hosting can be either on-premises or in the cloud, depending on the type of connection you have. The majority of Hosted VoIP providers only offer one option, while others provide both options. To obtain PBX equipment for your business, you need a PBX Phone Service Provider when choosing the on-premises solutions. Maintaining and updating the system is your responsibility. You do not have to worry about updating the equipment or any equipment issues by using cloud hosting. 

Price and Features of VoIP phones

Your choice of hosting will largely determine your costs. Using on-premises hosting means that you only pay for installation, equipment, user license fees, and upfront costs. By switching to Affordable VoIP Phone System, you do not need to pay upfront fees and pay a monthly fee per user instead. 

Modern phone systems provide the ability to utilise various calling features for both small and large organisations. In most cases, companies offer 20 to 50 attributes, including automated attendants, voice mail, and voice-to-email. Instant messaging, Conference Bridge Services , and much more. 

Flexing the change in VoIP phone system of your business

VoIP Exchange can adapt to changing requirements. The product will be quickly updated to fit new needs, flexing our technology muscles. Video conferencing has become increasingly important as a communication method. Our team enhanced our video conferencing capabilities; we now offer a combined internet and VoIP platform that enables our customers to enjoy smooth, consistent video conferencing from anywhere. 

We offer comprehensive call handling services – ideal for hybrid working. The user’s cloud portal can update their voice messages, choose where their voicemails should go, and forward calls. As well, hunters form ‘hunt groups’ to handle calls wherever they are located. 

Flexible pricing, VoIP telephony costs for businesses in Australia 

Adapting your telecommunications needs to your changing business will be a requirement. You can rely on us to help you develop a system to meet your future needs. We’ll provide a personal service at small business prices. 

Do not buy the wrong size – one size does not fit all! Businesses with a simple softphone and mobile phone package can use our VoIP Exchange mobiles and PCs; our packages work for them. Our pricing is still highly competitive, as endorsed by PC Pro; another advantage of avoiding the middlemen. However, if you have a complex business with hundreds of telephony users scattered around the world, we can offer a mix of solutions. 

Don’t hesitate to connect with us for the VoIP telephony system anywhere in Australia! Contact us immediately to save your telecommunications cost.