Get A Closer Look on AI, Google invites press on its public testing of Duplex AI!

Google introduces duplex Artificial Intelligence to place phone calls on a natural voice instead of a robotic one. The newer version of AI is developed to book appointments and make business phone calls. Though the AI was launched on May, the testing trail began from Wednesday i.e. July 27, 2018.
Google plans to initiate the public trial with a small group where the Duplex AI will be used for making business calls to confirm holidays and working hours. While from the late of summer, AI will be available to make reservations and appointments in Salons. Unlike Alexa and Siri releasing a robotic voice, Google’s AI Duplex will be giving a human sound. The software has been built with natural human voice tone and speech pattern including ticks like “um” and “uh”.
The event was basically held at Oren’s Hummus Shop in Mountain View, California to showcase the live demo of the project and to give a crystal-clear image on Duplex which was under examination from the moment it was disclosed by the CEO Sundar Pichai at I/O conference. The software is said to immediately address itself as “Google Assistant” while making appointments and booking to refrain from creating confusion to the person on the other end. Similarly, the company also disclose about recording the conversation in states which legally requires it.

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