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Any business on the digital marketing platform desires to get a specific range of targeted visibility on Google. For that, they opt for paid and organic mediums. Besides optimizing a website and going for Google Ads, you also need Google business listing. In fact, from Experienced SEO professionals, we can hear that Google my business listing is an indispensable part of Local SEO. As per Red Search, the top-ranking site gets 24.4% of traffic from local business searches and more than 61% of users don’t like businesses that are invisible online. 


What is a Google Business Account? 


Google Business account, officially recognised as a business’ Business Profile, is a powerful listing where a dynamic snapshot of a business with a focus on the best features is included. To be precise, Google my Business is a free tool powered by Google with which business owners can manage their online presence. With Google Business listing, you can earn potential customers, learn about, and engage with you. 

SEO specialists utilise Google my business listing in order to optimise location-based strategies and improve Local SEO ranking and performance. Thus, creating Google My Business account is the initial crucial move in achieving success in local searches. 


What does a great Google Business listing has? 


A great Google My Business Listing possesses the following features to make the local business meet its target to the fullest. 

  • GMB ranking factors: Relevance(how well a Business Profile matches what a user searches for), Distance(measure the travel time between your business and the location user is searching), and Prominence ( how popular and well-known a business is) are well-covered. 
  • 5-star genuine reviews from users and customers. 
  • It has Q& A to engage with your audience and to answer common questions. 
  • Highly-optimised posts and images. 
  • Proper use of attributes so that key elements of businesses can be well-known. 
  • Well-written category, description, and products/services. 


Benefits of Google Business Listing 

  1. A GMB listing is free to set up, manage, and cost-effective channel to make your SEO strategy stronger. 
  2. With a GMB listing, local customers can discover and visit your physical shopfronts; the contact details can make it easy for your customers to get in touch with you. 
  3. You can gather and share customer reviews to win the trust of potential customers, as these reviews are displayed on your Google Business Profile, and they work as your promotive factors. 
  4.  Google business profile can be managed and updated directly on google search itself either from your PC or mobile. 
  5. Google Business Listing is extremely crucial for Local SEO. 


Relation between Google Business Account and Local SEO 


Reports say that 97% of people learn more about a local company online than anywhere else. Thus, to make the best presence on Google, Google Business Account and listing are incredibly important.

In fact, Google Business Account boosts your local SEO ranking. The more in-depth and up-to-date Google Business Account is, the easier it will be for Google to categorise and rank your business as a trusted local business. With every aspect covered and optimised, Google Business Account can help you score the best local SEO ranking possible.  

To be more precise, Google My Business is a must-have for improved local SEO and without the Google Business Listing, there are nil chances of appearing on any local map listings in the SERPs. 


Google My Business Profile Set Up – 2022 Step-By-Step Tutorial For Best Results 


The most straightforward way for customers to locate a local business is to set up a Google business profile. As a result, it will be crucial for every local business to have a well-optimised Google Business profile in 2022. Let’s look into the steps in detail 


  • Create a Google account

  1. You will need to create a google business profile with a google account. If you have a Google account, you can just skip this step. If you don’t have one, you can make your google account. 
  2. Fill out the form, add your first and last name; the existing one requires an email address from the same or different mail provider, set up a password, and then click on next. 
  3. You’ll then be asked to enter a phone number, so provide the number you intend to use for your business. In fact, the number you will be used to verify your account. 
  4.  You can also add a recovery email address add your date of birth and gender.  
  5. After getting all details, a call to the phone number via text will be made. So, enter the received verification code. 
  6. You will be offered with personalisation offer where you should choose Express Personalization.   
  7. Confirm privacy and terms, and here, your google account is now created. 


  • Start Building Your Business Profile.

  1. You can start your business profile by adding your business name and category. You can see numerous options for the category and choose the most specific one. 
  2. Add location to your business.  
  3. If you are online-based, you can simply decline to add location. Specify the area you work around; the area on Google map will be selected. Add contact information and website address. 
  4. If you have a brick-and-mortar office, add the exact location. The red pin will be shown, indicating your business location.


  • Verify A Google Business Profile

Now it is time to verify your Google Business Account. There are many methods. Let’s see them: 

  1. Enter the mailing address by adding the postal address. After some days, you will receive a postcard. Log in to your Google with the Code on the card and there you have it, your Verified Google Business Account. 
  2. You can also get verified using recording your own videos. The video must have outside signage or street name shown inside your business and areas only employees can access. To verify the video, you will need to schedule a time with a Google representative. 
  3. You can verify with a phone number as well as an email. You can request a verification code from either and use it. 
  4. Now you have to add your services. In fact, Google offers you some options by default. You can either use them or add others. If you don’t see any suitable options, add your custom ones. 
  5. It’s your turn to add your business hours. You must specify your real opening and closing times so that no case of deception will occur among customers. 
  6. You can also add a message to get directly connected to Google users. Although it is enabled automatically, you can skip too, but why skip if you can have customers stop by and ask you further questions? 
  7. You can add a business description to share useful information about your services, your history and others. You can imagine the business description as an ” About Us” page of your website. 
  8. You can also add photos to make your Google Business account more appealing. Pro tip: Use real photos, not any pictures from the free stock photo portal. You can avoid the scheme for ads and get your business profile. 


  • Google Business Profile Manager

  1. With Google Business Profile Manager, you have access to numerous options that can help your listing stand out as well as control and change all of your company’s information. 
  2. Google uses the homepage of your dashboard to display significant news and updates pertaining to your profile in search results. 
  3. Additionally, you may search for directly managing your company profile in Google Maps and Search. 
  4. With the edit profile option, you may modify practically all of the features on your Google Business Profile Manager directly from this page. 
  5. Completely update your profile by filling out all the required fields. 

Google Business Profile Update 2022: Post Content Policy Guidelines 


Google has updated some things related to the Post Content Policy, so you need to know if you want to update your Google Bus Profile. For example, if you are writing a post or if your post is being removed, then why is it being removed? What is the guideline behind it? You should know if there is any issue related to the post in your Google Business Profile. 

If you have used any duplicate content in the post of your Google profile, it can be trouble. If you are putting any duplicate details, then basically Google will consider it spam, and your post will be removed, but your account will not be suspended. 

So, follow the guideline again and again for better local ranking you should avoid doing duplicate posts and duplicate photos. 


The Essentials to Optimise your Google My Business 


  • Verify or claim your Google my business listing

It is important to understand that a Google my business listing differs from a Google my business account. To view the GMB listing and optimise it, you must have an enhanced GMB profile, though. The option to authenticate your business in a different way will be available to you after supplying the necessary information. There are options for verification by phone, letter, or email.  


  • Fill every section of your Google My Business

The more the complete Google Business Profile, the Better will be your Google ranking and the higher your position in local search results. Further, it helps to increase the number of action customers when they find your business profile.  For a complete Google profile, you must provide the following aspects of your profile: Name, Address, Phone, Website, Hours, Category and Attributes, Products and services, From the business, Questions and answers, Posts, and Reviews 

Moreover, just be sure that proximity (the location of the searcher and your business), relevancy (your business matching the search query), and Prominence (popularity of your business) are covered well. 


  • Primary and Secondary categories

 For optimising your Google my business listing, selecting categories is necessary because 

  • It helps you to get found in discovery searches of users where they would be looking for a product, service, or category, and the business listings appeared. 
  • Once you select a category, Google provides category-specific features to you so that it can make your business listing more appealing and efficient. 

Furthermore, Google provides a fixed set of categories, and it is crucial to select the right one. If your exact category is not available, you can try to choose the closest accurate one. Remember, the more specific you are, the better it is for your profile. You can also choose secondary/additional categories, but never do it over the top; choose only those that match your business offering. 


  • Posts and Images

Posts are created in your Google My Business dashboard. These posts can increase the number of actions taken by consumers who find your profile.

In fact, posting regularly sends positive ranking signals to Google, as well as getting consumers to engage with your Google posts. If impressed, the consumers can follow your Business Profile and get notified of the latest posts and updates. 

Coming to photos, uploading photos to your Business Profile through your Google My Business account dashboard is important to Ensure quality, stay active, be found in the image section, increase engagement, and make your profile the best-looking one. But refrain from adding numerous images to your profile at once. 


 You should rather follow the given tips to use photos to optimise your Google Business Profile: 

  • Always add one new photo every seven days. 
  • Upload your logo on the thumbnail 
  • A cover photo must be of something that best represents your brand. 
  • You can check Google’s photo guidelines for specifications. 
  • Say No to stock photos, and no photos with extra special effects or branding. It is guided so because Google is trying to represent your business as genuine as it appears in the real world. 
  • Always use high-quality images that have clear depictions, aligning with image-enriched results. 


  • Product and Service

To the Google Business name, you can add goods and services. Adding information to this section can improve your ranking in pertinent searches and add content to your Google My Business listing. You can also provide their names, brief descriptions, and costs when adding the products and services. In addition, your company will rank higher if its description is complete. 


  • Messages

Users can send a text message to your phone number directly from your Google My Business listing. When using “Messaging,” you must configure messaging notifications from your GMB dashboard. To do this, navigate to settings and tick the “Customer messages” box to receive notifications when new messages are received. 


  • Reviews

A positive rating could be an important factor in attracting potential customers. However, these reviews will also boost Google’s ranking and hugely uplift customer sales. So, you must be alert and respond to reviews as soon as you receive them. In fact, you can thank the users for their positive feedback; in case of a negative rating, address it instantly. 


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