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What to do in 2023 if you want to rank higher on Google?

It would help if you had a high search engine ranking for your website. Without it, you could lose potential customers. A website and even a business’s success is primarily determined by its placement on page one of the search engine ranking. Discover how to improve your website’s ranking in Google search results.

The importance of ranking among the top five positions in Google searches has never been greater. In the absence of this, your chances of being found and clicked through to your website dramatically decrease. It is impossible to be seen by anyone if you are not on the first page.

It would help if you made it easier for people to find businesses and services on the Internet as more people use it. Everyone benefits from doing this. People can find what they need online, getting more quality traffic. How can you do this? Boost your ranking in the Google search results.

Here are a few tips to put your business over the top. Let us begin building a Google ranking for your website.

1. Make Google aware that you have a website right away

In the Google bots’ search for different websites, they crawl the web without failing, and they always do an excellent job. However, there is a possibility that Google’s robots will take some time to discover your website.

The best thing to do is submit your website to Google right away and wait for Google to crawl it for days or even weeks.

A Google Search Console sitemap can ensure that your website appears in Google if you have an XML sitemap for your website.

As you are aware, Google Search Console is a free tool that website owners can use to analyze their performance on Google search and find out what they can do to improve their visibility there.

You do not have to log in to Google Search Console every day to check if there are any issues with your website. The search engine will send you an email if it finds some problems with your website.

It is still recommended that you sign in to your account once a month or whenever you make any changes to the content of your website so that you can have reliable data.

The Google Search Central and Beginner’s Guide to Search Console provides more information and comprehensive guidance. The guide explains each step for beginners and can help you through the process.

2. Choosing the Right Keywords for your website

Identifying the right keywords is crucial to optimizing your website for Google’s first page.

The dilemma might be, which keywords to use?

When people search for things that relate to your website, you must decide what words are most appropriate to use in the search bar to describe what you offer.

Searchers are likely to type phrases containing three to five words into the search box when searching for an answer or a business. Your web will appear in search results if the keywords you have used on your website match those used in the search box.

However, it appears just the beginning of ranking high in search results.

Suppose you sell customized umbrellas on your business website, for instance. Your website is sure to attract people looking for customized umbrellas. If you want your blog and web pages to rank higher on Google, you need to include the keyword “customized umbrellas”.

3. Finding the right keywords and topics to discuss with tools like Arefs or SEMrush.

Also, you must put yourself into your customers’ or visitors’ shoes to know what questions they will ask and what will make them search on Google for answers.

Think about your clients or visitors searching on Google for answers to questions they can find on your website.

If you want to know what terms your customers are searching for, you must conduct a keyword search.

Next, you should sprinkle your chosen keywords throughout your content and generate genuine, helpful content that informs Google that your site is the best authority for providing answers to the people searching for your keywords.

Your website will not only rank higher on the first page of Google if you do this, but you will also stand out from your competitors who do not even mention the topic in detail.

4. Keep an eye on your competitors.

When most of your competitors have a large audience and are already trusted by Google, you may still encounter some difficulties, even as you have tried your best to rank on the first page.

You may still think you are lucky when your website appears on the third page of the search results when you are against your competitors.

Nevertheless, being seen on the second page is not enough if you are aiming for the first. Nonetheless, you only need to exert more effort to get on the first page than you would land a position on the third or fourth page.

Finding the right solution to get your website on the first page of Google depends on knowing who your competition is.

On the first page, type in your keywords in the search bar.

It is a good indication that you need to change your strategy or target keywords if you see big brand names of well-known companies on the first and second pages of Google and your website does not rank or have traffic.

If you want to find out which keywords your competition is using and gaining an edge, you can use competitive keyword analysis.

Your organic search and paid campaign rankings might improve if you know your competitors’ keywords.

You may go for the paid & free keyword analysis tools such as:

– Moz Keyword Difficulty and SERP Analysis Tool (comes 30-day free trial)

– Arefs Keyword Explorer (paid)

– Moz Open Site Explorer (free and paid)

– SEMrush (paid)

– Buzz Sumo (free and paid)

5. Support search intent by creating a page

Google’s first page is not comprised of actual websites but of web pages. You might rank on the first page of Google search results for the web pages titled “best managed IT (Information Technology) services” and “how to choose your managed IT provider”, which are two different web pages.

Besides landing on different pages of the search results, it is also possible that individual pages of your website will appear on the search results.

Rank any web page from your site, and not only your home page but your site’s authority does play an essential role in how well each of your landing pages is ranked.

Your target keyword must be included in the content of your website that you want to rank. Having your web page align with the type, format, and angle of the content of the search intent will increase your chances of showing up on the first page of Google.

– Usually, search results contain the following content types:

– The Landing Page

– The Category Pages

– Pages devoted to products

– Posts on the blog

Keeping the URL of the web page the same makes it more likely that you will maintain the quality backlinks you may already have.

The following options are available for your content format:

– Comparative analysis

– Recommendations

– Opinion or editorial pieces

– Display a list of posts

– Guides and tutorials

– Step-by-step guides

If you are going to focus on the content angle, you need to make sure you address your post or content to the desired audience. Consider posting blogging tutorials or tips to serve as guidance for newbie bloggers if you are targeting them.

Your authority on the subject should be established by talking in detail about everything. You can rank your website on the first page of Google if you write informative, helpful content related to your industry or website.

6. Build quality backlinks and include internal links

Links can boost the authority of a page, so they are essential. A website with a higher power tends to rank higher than one with lower authority.

It means that you provide valuable information on your page if you have a sizable number of quality backlinks.

A top-ranking website may have thousands of backlinks (and counting). One way to boost your page’s authority is to add relevant internal links.

What are your strategies for getting backlinks to your website?

To see an increase in rankings, it is vital to have backlinks from equally reputable sites.

Spam links or toxic links are not allowed. The URL structure should not be changed and should remain the same. Remember to redirect those old URLs to your new ones if you must reconfigure some of your URLs.

7. Featured Snippets are the goal

It is to your benefit to rank on the first page of Google even if you have a few short snippets of text above the search results.

The short texts typically answer the questions of the searchers quickly. You can rank your web page with the help of these featured snippets and potentially appear on the first page of search results.

Google will decide which text will appear in the featured area, not you. Unfortunately, no formula or code will guarantee that Google will select the text on your content.

A featured snippet cannot be won automatically. Nevertheless, you can enhance your chances of being featured by changing the content slightly.

8. Make sure you manage your meta tags properly

Google search results contain meta tags, short texts that provide a brief introduction to the content. Like featured snippets, meta tags are more temporary.

Meta tags have a character limit of 120 characters. You need to make sure you include only the most essential information and your keyword to entice customers or visitors.

Neither the meta tags nor the content of your web pages will be visible on your website, but you can use concise, straightforward language for each one. Make sure the labels to your links will persuade users to visit them. Your keyword must be placed in your meta tags creatively as well.

9. Make Your Web Page Mobile Friendly

Increased people use mobile devices to conduct online transactions. Mobile devices account for half of all internet traffic worldwide.

When visiting a particular site, the last thing anyone wants to see is a broken page or a weird web layout. Mobile device responsiveness and optimization are essential for your website and web pages.

In the absence of a responsive or mobile-friendly website, all your efforts will be wasted. A reputable agency can help you design a mobile-friendly page if you are not an expert in web design or development.

Investing in it may be a valuable investment that can last for years. To ensure that your site runs smoothly and provides an impeccable user experience, you may have to hire a professional.

Do not expect your users to stay if they do not have a pleasant experience visiting your site.

10. Be as local as possible for your customers

When you include your location in your keywords, you will have a better chance of landing high up in the search results.

If you provide the things those local searchers genuinely need, your presence and business will be appreciated by local searchers searching for local companies.

Your location may help your customers find you more quickly if you add it. Improve your business’ visibility by adding it to local directories such as Yelp or Bing. Consider creating an account with Google My Business to increase your online presence.


Some of these strategies can help you get your website on the first page of Google.

By increasing your visibility with your target customers or audience, you can increase their interest in you. Taking advantage of social media will also help your SEO.

If you wish to establish your authority on the subject, you are also welcome to share your expertise in the forums. If you want to become your industry’s go-to person, you need to be someone people trust and can turn to for any questions they may have.

Consistently posting updated content is also essential to keep your audience interested and make them return.

Contact us if you need help with your website ranking on Google.



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