Government pins $51 million to foster cares to build new child care IT system!

The Queensland government is in no mood to waste a single minute. It is taking over every overhauling steps to meet the much-needed child protection IT system, after it reserved the portion of $51 million.
While the whole of the nation was enjoying their Monday, Department of Child Safety, Youth & Women took initiation to find out partners to replace Integrated Client Management System (ICMS).
From 2004, inquiry on foster care practices, in which ICMS responded to the states main system, for delivery of child safety & youth justice services.
In 2017, Queensland Family & Child Commission replaced the outmoded system with an alternative system.
Previous month, the government signed off the business case, holding a commitment of $51 million.
The grant is to be provided for next four years. While the ‘unify program’ is intended to support the first stage of the project. The project is expected to operate in the mid of July.
The host for the new system shall be Azure, Microsoft Dynamic 365.
The agency, expects to establish a panel holding multiple suppliers, for the service of domains like business design, system testing, system implementation, organizational change management and data management.
The new system for child care, is expected to be versatile, agile, flexible and adaptable. The initial work shall focus on the end users and & delivery functionality.
As per the statement released by Tender Document department, “A critical success factor will be establishing the new system in a way which ensure seamless co-existence with the existing ICMS during the transition period.”
They add,
“Following successful completion of the initial stage, future stages will implement core System functionality to replace the existing system capability and transform business process and practices to new ways of working.”
After the successful completion of the first phase, the department shall implement it to the core System functionality. Just to replace the existing process and practice work.
Further stage opted by ICMS shall include process and solution enhancement to improvise the functionality and efficiency.

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