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GrandPerspective Review, Guide and Usage Steps of a App.

What is GrandPerspective?

So, first let’s talk about GrandPerspective, what this really is? What you will get from this GrandPerspective review post? It is really a wonderful, little tiny disk utility. Which shows in a graphical way of your disk usages and helps to deal with even large files/folders that take more space. You can download it for free if you like from Source download.

Who made this amazing tool?

I always do research on creators of any software available free in the market. It makes me comfortable to use that tools.
Let’s come to GrandPerspective, this amazing tool is made by “ Erwin Bonsma”. This guy is really as amazing as his tools and also very awesome. After I checked his profile through social media, YouTube and also his website, come to know that he loves to work with visual things.
Erwin works
If you would like to know more about Erwin, you can find his profiles links from his website, or I will list it out below.

Why and How to use it?

Well, I have recently faced a problem with my folders and files. I had a lots of garbage files and folders, which were using my space up and I am kind a of irritated with this things. I need to fix this as soon as possible, so I downloaded GrandPerspective to fix this.
So let’s see – uses of GrandPerspective?
Let me make it clear before I jump up with step by step process, this is only a basic guide, for more information you can visit GrandPerspective website.
Step 1:
First we will need to download the latest version of GrandPerspective. If you would like to buy it then you can from app store and trust me the price you will see is very cheap. While, this tool worth more than that.
app store
Step: 2
Install It and in first lunch of GrandPerspective, you will see a greeted with welcome window. Choose “Scan Other Folder” button.
Step 3:
Choose the folder you want to scan.
Step: 4
After you choose a folder, it will scan all your folder and shows you tree map with different squares and colors.
Step: 5
You can now choose a folder by moving your mouse. You can right click on your choosen folder and it will now open the file or folder that contains chosen file.
GrandPerspective has more options, you can choose. I only have mentioned the basic options, but you can play with the tools and find out, what other options are there. To get help, you can choose Help menu or you can visit GrandPerspective site.

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