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How do Managed Service Provider (MSP) helps SMB clients with better Business Continuity Plan?

As an entrepreneur your 24 hrs. gets stretched to 36 hrs. or even more! Your state of mind is not constant on any particular business phase. From expansion to HR, from finance to acquisition, your presence and attention is mandatorily distributed.
Forget about long working hours, even while taking a nap your minds strolls on business. Creepy business dreams, nightmares never stop haunting you. Especially when your mind gets hit by several questions like, what happens if it gets hit by disaster? For an instance, hurricane, earthquake, lockouts, strikes or power interruption.
What if flood or fire interrupts your daily operation of business? What if some one steals your confidential files? Though all the mentioned possibilities might sound impossible one, but there are businesses who have fallen victim of it.
As the progress of technology march high, managed IT service providers are heavily tasked in staying ahead of the curve & cope with every possible change. As a part of adaptation, every services & solutions are changing their fundamental purpose of MSPs, making them challenge on their own development theory and evolvement.
Previously managed service was confined to remote monitoring and management. But those situations are long gone, but now on modern MSP proposition are valued and implemented.
Today, MSP comprise of complete package of Remote Monitoring Management, Disaster Recovery Options and Cybersecurity solutions, with NOC and SOC teams assorted with a team for Help Desk service.
Managed IT service has never been so comprehensive, intensive and specialized. And the sole reason for such compactness is due to the increasing SMB business dependency on technology to run their operation and power their sales pipelines.
As the dependency increases, risk & cyber threat too increases concurrently. Devastation, occurrence of natural disaster or physical damage are some normal threats faced on weekly basis. Therefore, MSP for now is positioned as a crucial element for every SMB success including an additional responsibility of keeping their client information confidential, safe and secure.
So, this is why business continuity plan is required for? The purpose of business continuity plan is to assist your business operations continuity in any kind of crisis or event.

Points to consider while approaching for Business Continuity Plan?

Business have made a habit of approaching MSP only after business hit crisis. Before that, they chose to invest on business expansion or in merger & acquisition. As your trusted MSP advisor, we are recommending you to safeguard your business on hand before it undergoes through any sever crisis. Therefore, we are encouraging every SMB clients to practice this approach at a sooner pace!
So here are some proactive suggestions to develop effective and immediate recovery plans;

Build a plan, you need to start from somewhere!

Working together and sitting for discussion with professionals would bring out more concreate solutions catering the actual need of business. Organizations should work with their MSPs to implement much required business continuity plan and also frame internal plan, for immediate action during any event.
Though you have marked MSP on the bottom of your schedule, in fact its primary. Before starting internal plan, include diverse team to aid it. Reason, diverse team serves multi-perspectives with better plan.

Important elements to consider for Disaster Recovery

Risk assessment: Identify long term and short-term events, that would likely occur to your SMB customer.  Don’t ignore whether, location, and business buildings. While forming assess as if one of the major events have already occurred, and how could it continue rendering its operation and how as your MSP can pull you out from it?
Location: If entity after disaster can’t access their building, how? From where can they continue their business? Do you have the facility of working from home? Can you make that happen? Can a separate space can be arranged?  If arranged make sure to place it in another situation or with the help of MSPs you can convert your business from desktop version to web version.
Equipment’s/Phone: Business no longer operate inside the four walls. Make sure your business is accessible in any equipment, but in a secured manner. Also check the communication availability i.e. make or receive phone calls (via existing business numbers), get access to critical data, have equipment’s to perform phone calls, outside their affected zone.
Human Resource: Identification, training & communication is very much important. Some critical functions include division of workforce to perform evacuation task. You will also need to design work pattern for continuous business operation. Prepare logistics, prioritize activities and sanction it to determined human resource. After that add least essential business functions & support. Both MSPs and company should collaborate to organize special training for workforce. A clear instruction should be given on where should they go, how should they communicate, whom should they report and who should carry special equipment.

Revise & Test your plan

As a dedicated MSP provider annually revise and test your client’s business continuity plan. Never wait for event to occur. Demo identifies loops and help to instantly refill it. During a non-crisis time if you follow your plan, in a calm and composed manner you can improvise it on the basis of respective workforce activity and give out instant feedback. At NWS IT Support, our client’s business continuity plans are revised twice a year. If any changes or advancement needs to be done, immediate action is taken by us.

Share your disaster recovery plan

Refer your MSP to another organization for the similar purpose. But make sure the business holds the similar pattern & work zone, so that it becomes easier to figure out changes. This surely enhance your confidence, and even assure you that you and your business are definitely in a safe hand.

Help every of your customers with Business Continuity Plan

SMB customer requires MSPs help to frame business continuity plan which can be executed. The essential element that the organization must incorporate in their plan are risk assessment, data security, resources and process. Regular testing ensures that plan can be implemented with out any obstruction.  So, we guess, as an MSP service provider, every of our SMB clients can sleep peacefully.
NSW IT Support is a Sydney based company, which has framed and infused new ideas & technology depending on the nature, size, location of every SMB business. Our main agenda for rendering business continuity plan is to prevent business from facing heavy financial loss.
We firmly believe in “prevention is better than cure” theory, so getting prepared for any uncertain cause, can somewhat minimize loss. Our professional squads are trained and drilled to root out any obstruction that a business might have to undergo. For updated MSPs Business Continuity service in the whole of Sydney & Australian region, contact us today!

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