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How to create video by using Microsoft POWERPOINT

A great VIDEO without any hassle can be framed by using PowerPoint. Customized comprehensive video can be made immediately in just a few minutes with powerpoint slides. General reasons for creating a video is to either publish it in social media or create a video content on YouTube. With the help of PowerPoint, you can make a video in a simple to complicated form. Below are the quick instructions; 

Create Slides 

To keep things moving on a video, you need to make slides. A video is completely different from slides, but you need slides to make one. Use creative information or animation to create slides, that you want to showcase in your multimedia. 

Include Narration/Music or Audio 

Slides are not just enough to create a proper video content. You need to add narration or music or any kinds of audio to make your video attractive and influencing.  Go to insert tab and click on audio Add audio from your PC. Just drag the audio icon off the slide and click on animations tab and animations pane. Drag the sound file towards the edge of Animation pane and select “Start with Previous”. 
Click on the “File” Tab and click on the “Export” tab where you will see “Create a Video” options. 
Thereafter, Choose your Video quality from the given options, “Presentation Quality”, “Internet Quality” or “Low Quality”. 
Right below, you are given an option of narration and timings, where you have the options of “Do not use recording timings and narrations”, “Use Record Timings and Narrations”, “Record Timings and Narrations” and “Preview Timings and Narrations”. 
After setting timings and narration right below you will see an option of “Create a video”, just click on it and save your presentation as a video.  
Yes, creating videos are no longer troublesome, you can easily make a beautiful, interesting video within a few minutes (only if your slides are ready). 

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