Intel Vows to fix the Meltdown Flaw “Variant 4” within few weeks!

Microsoft on Monday identified a new Spectra and Meltdown security flaws “Variant 4” in Intel chips used in millions of pc and cellular devices. The newer version of security vulnerability extracted sensitive information which was somewhat a similar issue identified in January. The vulnerability allows attackers to get hold of important and sensitive information from your CPU.
Spectre and Meltdown have troubled Intel, AMD, and Arm. While the companies like Intel and Microsoft have coped with the flaws to some extent. Intel has classified Variant 4 as a medium risk. The newly identified variant makes use of “Speculative Store Bypass” which allows easy flow of private data to insecure places allowing attackers to read the old information from CPU. While the Microsoft claims to allow possible attackers to leverage JavaScript in browsers.
Leslie Culbertson, Intel’s executive vice-president of security, in a statement, released that Intel has started to update the available software and manufacturing. Following the spokesperson regarding the variant said,
“It is important to note that this method is dependent on malware running locally.”

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