At NSWIT Support, we build IT solutions tailored according to your business needs.

Understanding What You're Encountering
Insight Analysis of The Problem
Identifying Performance Gaps
Building Innovative and Robust Solutions

Our method of finding the right solution for your business is to develop a Six-Step Problem Solving Model.

  1. Defining the problem.We aren’t going to get far if we don’t know what the problem is that we’re trying to illuminate. We take some time at this initial step to dig deeper and comprehend the issue on a more profound level for progressive logical action.
  2. Determining the root cause. This is significant that is frequently missed when individuals or teams are trying to solve problems. What is it that is causing the IT of the business to wind up in this situation? Is it only one main IT driver, or is it a blend of issues meeting up adversely? 
  3. Developing alternative solutions. At this point, we aren’t trying to find the single answer to the problem – instead, we are trying to find every possible answer. All possible options by now that may be able to solve this issue will be on the table at this point.
  4. Selecting a solution. Now that we have a list of potential solutions to consider, we can pare them down and wind up picking out the one, which our IT Solutions Specialists Team believe will resolve the matter.
  5. Implementing the solution. With your choice made, it’s now time to put that choice into action and see what happens. Of course, the implementation itself can be an unpredictable cycle which may require its own IT strategies and tools to work through successfully.
  6. Assessing the outcome. This is significant. Once you implement a solution, you need to follow through with that solution to make sure it worked. If not, we would return and consider one of our other potential arrangements that were identified in step three.

Our IT solutions will always be based on the following principles:

  • Cost-Effective
  • Reduced Risk
  • High flexibility
  • High Operational Efficiency & Optimisation

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