Largest Social Media Facebook and its Shortcut key for every Facebook users

“Facebook” is one of the largest social media used by the users worldwide. Businessmen use it as a form of “Business platform”, youngsters use it as a medium of interaction, professionals use it as a platform for delivering their findings or professional related suggestions while the remaining ones use it as a source of entertainment. 
Facebook has become an integral part of human lives. A large number of the population today are depended on Facebook. This platform is used for business as well as professional purpose. But it has its own side of negativity if not used sensibly, this platform can either make you or break you. Likewise, daily users of Facebook are searching for new ways to make their Facebook usage more quick and efficient.  
Like Excel shortcuts, Facebook users are seeking shortcuts to make their surfing quick and speedy. According to Brainscape, “Using shortcuts can save up to 8 workdays per year”, which is enough for you to take a week off for a nice long vacation.  Shortcuts are very much useful for the Social Media marketer often repeating the same action of LIKE, COMMENT, SHARE & POST.  We are planning to save your EIGHT days and revealing shortcut keys for quicker browsing of Facebook via keyboards. 
Below are the following buttons to use Facebook faster and efficiently, (all the keyword button of shortcuts is to be pressed without Caps lock button) 
J, K – For faster scrolling of News Feed. 
P – To post a new status 
I – To like or unlike posts, pictures & shares. 
C – To comment on selected stories and news feed. 
S – Share selected stories. 
O – Open attachment of the selected stories. 
Enter – See more of the stories. 
/- Search  
Q- Search chat contacts 
? – For help dialogue  
Now as you are aware of the shortcut keys of Facebook, make sure to try it by yourself once, so that you can use it every time while exploring Facebook.  

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