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Global business does seek for freedom to modernize every IT infra and lay off their work load by finding their suitability. But picking a correct pathway, modernizing global operations and architecture multi-cloud solution is somewhat complex and rigid to handle single-handedly.
Cloud do holds difficulties. Whenever commencing cloud journey, one needs to navigate the territory.  It may not be known, but there are some common challenges for every enterprise when adopting cloud strategy.
For an instance, let’s assume that one part of the organization looks out to operate everything every of its work on Azure while the other part is preferring AWS and the remaining ones are willing to explore Google AI/ML service.
Contradicting situation arises after the organization wants to application and data created in AWS environment while using Azure AI/ML along with Google AI/ML. Is it ever possible to do so?
The aforesaid example is not at all uncommon. As of now, there isn’t a single clear solution. But still multi-cloud is in its growing form.

The charm of multi-cloud

Entity’s are agonizing on and on over the decision of major public cloud. Cost is surely a factor for these decisions, while secondarily the decision-makers are also asking for security footprints, easy access to existing applications in cloud. And interestingly, such analytics are offered beyond the average-scale of storage and computing.
Since past few years, multi-cloud has become a significant adoption for future cloud computing. It is said, by 2020, nearly 80 per cent of the business will deploy hybrid cloud model or multi-cloud model.  And according to IDC study IaaS (infrastructure-as-a-service) users have multiplied twice.
Multi-cloud isn’t the end game. The next step would be a mix and match service from every cloud provider where competition is present where pricing competitiveness is always present.

Mix & Match Cloud service

For large enterprises, selecting one or two public cloud is taken for a specific project. As application commence, comingling cloud in a single one consumes time. For now, this is done primarily by end users, mix and match cloud will change the dynamic.
Many cloud users are involving more time in new services in AI. Mix & match enables entity to take new advantage on innovations

Bottom Line

So, cloud computing is all about flexibility and connectivity. No matter whatsoever name we call it, what we do know is that business is highly concentrating on and around the cloud resources.

How NSW IT Supports to solve the toughest challenges in cloud?

  • Exit the data center: Remove your business from every cost and burden of data operations. To remain ahead in every changing technological landscape, your business must be cost-efficient and agile. Incase, if you are running your own corporate center, you could be hindering your business growth. By unfolding your in-house data center, you could possible positioning yourself in taking undue advantages of every cost models by modernizing your own IT. So, in contrary to achieve your business goals you must reduce cost, improve agility, focus on innovation and increase security.


  • Determining the suitable cloud strategy: Just accelerate the value of cloud. Every organizations are moving away from the cloud from the traditional IT structure. With just fitted cloud strategy you can drive in positive strategy through operations automation, revenue innovation, and pay as you go pricing models. Via this, business goal can be achieved by improvised performance, meet security and compliance demands, reduce costs, and break free every geographic issue.


  • Monitor IT Spend: Decline your operating costs, capital when modernizing your IT. While hosting your own IT infra get hold of highest accessibility and control. There are chances of acquiring indirect costs such as business downtime, decreased business agility, and additional staff for building and maintenance.

Transitioning workloads to managed service providers, one can eliminate operational expenses, by taking advantages of recent technologies                                                                                                                                                              Perhaps, this allows you to re-direct your resources and budget which in turn becomes a merit to your business.

  • Rationalize & Modernize your applications: To drive changes, you need to quickly deploy technologies. But for a traditional technology holder, out dated process and resource intensive operation can literally slow down the entity’s working pace.

For digitizing economy, one needs, holistic view of application modernization and hence, NSW IT support can, partner with you to frame digital ready working environment. With us, you can improve application performance, meet compliance demands and security, improve agility and reduce costs.

Believe in us! Make us your trusted partner in Managed IT Solution provider, as we accelerate the value of cloud, we consider your current situation by rendering unbiased expertise solutions with proven results and rightly deliver financial experience.
Your IT should be focusing on the core areas of your business, and you would want to get delivered in accordance to your need. Experts knows, what you do? How to do? before flocking in a highly opiniated solutions.
NSW IT Support has years of experience in Cloud service. For any sort of queries related with Cloud services, or if you are seeking for IT consultant to deal with it, do remember us. We are there to assist you and your business in every possible manner. From Office 365, Azure Managed Service, Managed cloud Solutions to Hosted Desktop, we have it all. No wonder we are termed as “One Stop IT Solution Provider” in whole of NSW.
Besides cloud, we offer a wider range of services. So far, we have delivered our services to small businesses, local government, law firms, universities, schools, child care center, age care center, NGO, real estate, call center and many more.
We believe in working together. Before directly pondering with our strategies we prefer to understand the core objectives of the business and client’s requirement. Together, we shall frame strategies and plans that would perfectly suit individual requirements.
For every IT related services, you can contact us, or send us a quick mail. Our people are sure to get back to you instantly with every possible solution!



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