A Major Movement: Github purchased by Microsoft for $9.8 bn

Github will remain available for the developers despite being purchased by Microsoft for about US $ 7 billion ($ 9.8 bn). Both Github and Microsoft released a separate notice regarding retention of utility under Microsoft ownership. This massive deal was rumored to be cracked over the weekend. The acquisition is expected to tie up by the end of this financial year.
In a press release spokesperson for Microsoft revealed about the independent operation of Github, where the company shall retain its ongoing developer as well as independently provide an open platform to the emerging developers. There shall be no hindrance on the operating systems, programming language, tools, and device. Beside Microsoft spokesperson, Anil Dash, CEO, Fog Greek Software said, “Microsoft buying Github is likely to be good news for developers. There’s no better evidence of how Microsoft has been revitalized under the leadership of Satya Nadella than to point to bold moves like this, which would have seemed incredible in the past. But if we have a concern, it’s that there hasn’t been a huge leap forward in social coding in the last decade. Since every developer will be thinking about big ideas right now and a lot of people will understandably be thinking about backing up their Github projects just in case, we think you should use that opportunity to consider if it’s time to rethink traditional views on version control entirely.”

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