How to manage all your cloud storage from one account

Most people have more than one cloud storage accounts such as, SkyDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, Box and managing each account separately can be a hard job. Here, I will show you how to manage all your cloud storage from one account just by using MultCloud.
Wherever you are, if you have access to a wifi connection, you can reach to your files easily using Cloud storage. You can use tablet, smartphones or pc computers to access your files. Most of the cloud storage accounts allow you some free storage, Dropbox offers 2GB for basic accounts, Google Drive 15GB, Box 10GB plus more others. Having free space is great, however, when it comes to managed all accounts then it became laborious. Thanks to MultCloud, now with MultCloud you can manage all cloud storage from one account.
MultCloud is a platform, which we can use to link our all cloud services to a single account. Using MultCloud, you can transfer files, preview documents, however, it is not a complete cloud storage solutions because you cannot edit files, but you can access all the files from your different cloud storage accounts.

Here, you will see, how to get started with MultCloud step by step.

Step 1
Go to, and you will find sign up button (the orange button on the front page). Click this and we start our journey.
 MultCloud step - 1
Step 2:
You will see a form to create a new account. Fill in the form using unique password than your other cloud storage accounts and click create account.
MultCloud step - 2
Step 3:
You will get a conformation email from ( Click the activation link and login to your account.
cloud storage accounts
Step 4:
You will see add new option on your dashboard. Click on add new and the screen shows you various online cloud storage accounts that can link with Multcloud. If you do not have an account with any of them, create an account first by following the link as shows in the image below.
Step 5:
By clicking on any of the online cloud storage icon, you can link your cloud storage account with Multcloud.  Simply, click on the icon and click the blue Add Account button. You will redirect to your storage account and asked permission for Multcloud to access your online data.

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