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Managed IT Service Provider; Questions you should be asking every MSPs before hiring!

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Managed IT Service Provider; Questions you should be asking every MSPs before hiring!

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Well, if you have read the title, few things must have clicked onto your mind. One what is the writer trying to give out directly by asking about Managed Service Provider. Any simplified version of defining MSPs? What are the services of Managed Service Providers?

A Managed IT Service Provider are the external third-party technology experts, who are employed to scale, monitor and various aspect of IT system present in the organizations. MSP roles have revolved since past decades. From simple maintenance legacy systems to whole responsibility for every patches and repairs of new software, cloud services and specific security of data.

Further, MSPs allow immediate expansion by offering robust host operations and powerful external data centers. What more onto it is, routine maintenance work, by allowing company to stay up-date with latest tools and recent emerging trends.

“Involving MSPs will help you to scale up sustainable and efficiently”

Another factor making it more reliable is its efficient transition to cloud and usage of energy saving technologies. In conclusion, they secure organization data breach, with high potentiality of disaster and risk prevention strategy.


#1. The Defination

In several cases, managed services company is all about a squad of reactionary technicians with faded knowledge charging lower rates and who take care of small clients. What they are good at it is, blaming previous MSPs, old technologies, application and so on.

So, let’s keep those old dirty tricks away. Today, what most companies is looking for is a 24/7 service to monitor and manage their web environment with comprehensive help desk willing to tackle every assertive problem. Customer’s are highly seeking for running website instead of lengthy bills.

Before hiring any MSP find out the total number of technicians employed by them. Ask them about their real certifications, experiences along with the strategies they have so far build to deflate immediate risks. Talk to your peer group, and just compare how your managed service provider stacks up.


#2.  Website Coverings

Website updating takes loads of time. Most of the companies and service providers just neglect it. During the course of audit, either they patch it up or never adopt the procedure of updating. A professional Managed IT Service Provider, will wholly cover the website status from scratch.

It’s obvious you want your website operating quickly and securely. Do check the agreement with your current MSPs. Make sure your websites are updated on regular interval instead of getting patched.


#3. Vendor Management

There are times when due to application revisions, one or the other things fail. So, in this case, you definitely want someone to assure you with immediate addressal, a single point of accountability (SPA) is searched for.

Absence of this will invite blame game, while your business grinds towards extinction. Technology vendors don’t need such kind of troubleshoot. Directly ask your MSPs about their vendor management program, skills, and learn about their case studies.


#4. Monitoring 24/7

The labor laws state that on call service seek for over time payment. An expensive scenario for out sourcing companies. Most of such company’s head for gambling scenario, assuming nothing can go wrong.

As a business operator you would want 24/7 support even during late hours. Make sure your Business IT Support team has provisioned and designated team with every readily available tool.

Further, it takes a whole amount of patience to configure monitoring system properly. A combination of human response and automated monitoring is the best option to address the issue before they impact you. After paying thousands of dollars you would want someone to watch alerts in real time and get fixed.

Without any sort of hesitation, inquire about their monitoring systems and how they take care of every red alert.


#5. Service Level Objectives (SLO) escalation

A specified enforced time frames with measurable service response is how SLO is defined as. This is usually the best effort, offered by MSPs with target objectives with no time frames. This means service can be quickly rendered without designing any sort of fore thought and delivery consequences.

Ask every MSPs about their own version of SLO. Make them demonstrate their internal process, along with their success measurability.


#6. Systematic Ticketing System

These are one of the most secured and organized way of tracking every website issue. One can easily see helpdesk queue. Most of MSP use basic tools & software and their own blessed memories to keep track of their customers need. Such act confines the effectiveness.

A systematic ticketing system is what your MSP should be using to submit a stress-free workflow for scheduling and escalation. Seek for demonstration.

A Managed IT Service Provider, assist your in-house team in several specific manner. Being a profession expertise, they are keen to figure out the biggest financial drainage in an IT operation. According to the report released by CISCO, more than 70 per cent of organizations budget flows out in keeping the system powered.

Moreover, they are also keen in finding best match for every specific need by developing a strategy fitting the vendor’s size, location, hybrid solutions, data center abilities and cost. Modern MSPs have resource, skills and commitment in staying update with every critical technology. They are flexible enough to act as adjuncts, to perform high level function that your team failed to provide.

Whether your business needs cloud computing, secure monitoring, or an additional professional staff, a modern MSP is sure to assist you in your organizational well-being.

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