Melbourne, new home for Google, seeks more opportunity in Victorian city

Google’s first Victorian office is officially established in Melbourne. The presence of Google in Melbourne is likely to enhance and support cloud computing service, policy, sales, and marketing. Further, the new establishment of Google is set to create employment for 100 tech workers in Australia with the possibility of progressive growth.  
While Sean McDonnell, Google’s site lead in Melbourne spoke about the strengthening commitment between vendors and partners in Melbourne. He said, 
“We’re delighted to have a growing office hub here in Melbourne from just four people when we began a few years ago, to more than 100 desks in the Google Melbourne office.” 
The Victorian state is considered the healthiest economy state with a pool of tech talent. Every year the state produces 37% of tech graduates compared to other states. Presence of tech giants like Google is sure to bolster Melbourne’s tech sector by utilizing native tech student’s caliber by further aiding for the new tech start-up companies.    
Google’s Victorian office is located at the end of Collins Street, Melbourne while the headquarter will be in Sydney. There are around 8000 tech companies in Melbourne employing 160,000 people in the city. 
Adding more light on the investment made by Google, Philip Dalidakis, Ministry of Innovation and Digital Economy stated Victorian city to be the best tech producers not only in terms of quality but also in quantity and considers Google to have bright & strong future. He said, 
“We have incredible talent in the tech sector and produce the largest number of tech grads across Australia. We are working hard to retain our number one tech city ranking in Australia we believe Google has both a bright future here and a strong part to play in delivering strong job growth.” 
Google is not a sole Multi-national company who is seeking to hold a healthy investment in Melbourne. There are other MNC chains like Alibaba, Amazon, Zendesk, Live Tiles, Slack, Mimecast and who have created a major presence in the city. 

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