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Microsoft Joins Linux Foundation as a Platinum Member

Microsoft today declared that it is joining the Linux Foundation. Furthermore, Microsoft Joins Linux Foundation as a high-paying Platinum Member.

As a matter of fact, Microsoft has not been the fan of Linux from the past. It is because Ballmer, the former CEO of Microsoft described Linux as ” cancer” 15 years ago. But things went differently this week when new Microsoft CEO Satya Nadela changed the way of doing things.

Microsoft joins Linux Foundation as a Platinum Member

At present, Microsoft is the biggest open source contributors around the world. Microsoft has been contributing Linux from the past. And it has recently open-sourced many such as PowerShell, Visual Studio Code, Microsoft Edge’s Javascript engine. Microsoft also associated with Canonical to bring Ubuntu to Windows 10. They even laid SQL server to Linux.

Alongside Microsoft other Platinum Members include Oracle,Huawei, Samsung, Cisco, IBM, Intel. However, Google and Facebook are its Gold sponsors.

Another surprising news this week: Google joining the .NET Foundation. It has mainly focused on supporting .NET in Google Cloud Platform.

Microsoft is making a lot changes this year, first changing the Microsoft Server 2016 licensing rules and now collaborating with Linux Foundation.

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