Misleading ‘Urgency’ lands Optus in court

Cross-selling campaign adopted by Optus pushed nearly 138,988 NBN mobile users towards Optus line service. The manipulative strategy opted by the tele-network landed them in court.
On 2018, May 24, Optus had framed a fake urgency email to the NBN users stating service dysconnectivity in their broad-band service and by urging them to immediately switch onto competitive networks.
Just two-days before the circulation, Federal Court had fined $1.5 million to Optus for trying to force its HBC network users to NBN fast-track immigration payment.
According to the statement, thrown by, The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC),On 24 May 2018, Optus sent an email offering its NBN broadband services to 138,988 of its mobile customers, and advising them that their broadband service would be ‘disconnected very soon’ and encouraging them to ‘make the switch, before it’s too late.”
Sarah Court, ACCC Commissioner, detains on taking action against the misleading act implemented by Optus every other day. Court said “ACCC has had to take action about Optus’ advertising on several previous occasions, and it is concerning that we are again having to take them to court for alleged misleading statements about this issue.”
She further adds, “We are keeping a close eye on this sector and we will continue to take enforcement action where appropriate, seeking declarations, injunctions, pecuniary penalties, compliance orders and costs.”
Andrew Sheridan, vice-president of regulatory and public affairs (Optus) accepted the mistake and acknowledged the action taken by ACCC.
Sheridan said, “Optus has apologised to customers who received the mistaken communication and offered a costless exit for those who took out the offer.”

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