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Why mobile-friendly website is so important?

What device you are using to view this post today? If I’d asked same question about few years ago, i can easily bet, you answered desktop or laptop computer. However, these days you’ve got more option in your hand, you can choose from smart phone, tablet, smart TV and the list is growing. The main point is, there are many options available today for browsing the internet. If we compared with trend over the past few years, we are going to realize it.
With the change and movement in browsing the internet, website design trend must move as well. Look back 10 years ago, the website was designed classic and the classic is the term, I must say for the websites within ten years period. Which had a standard width of 960 px (pixels), and used to design fixed central column inside a browsing screen. Now a day, the trend is changed and the website has not only the standard width used.
boxed website design
Once the screens that internet users are using to browse the internet begun to shrink and grow, the developers have to faced problems. In recent years, developers have gone through two major problems. On the desktop computers, screen size is wider and the other hand, smart phone and tablet screen size are less-smaller than desktop. The central column designed were looks nasty in smarts phones.

The starting point of the Mobile Site

As the revolution rise and smart phones start dominate mobile market, it goes wild that maximum internet users were accessing websites from their smart phones. The experience using websites in smartphones, change the trend doing business through internet, websites. In july 2008, Apple released their App store, and that gives an ideas to many business owners such as: Facebook and eBay to choose alternative for desktop websites.
After released of Apple App store, the companies were pulled towards mobiles apps stores. More and more businesses start building apps to provide the services to their customers. With the introduction of Windows Phone Store, Blackberry App World and Android Marketplace majority of smartphone users were increased in apps.
The reason mobile website was born because many companies doesn’t want alternative option such as apps and even some companies don’t have enough budget to lunch apps and maintain it. They only have one option, which is Website.responsive websites important
The google bots always check for the following area when analyzing if a website is mobile friendly and responsive websites or not.

The site:

  1. Software used on mobile devices, such as Flash.
  2. The text used is readable without zooming
  3. Buttons, links or tab are easily tapped or not

Mobilegeddon – For Responsive Websites

Every year, google come up with their latest algorithm. On 21st April 2015, google came up with the algorithm updates named Mobilegeddon. The update is totally about mobile-friendly browsing. With the updates, many websites, mobile unresponsive were fall down from the position in google search engine. Google decide to replace the position with mobile-friendly, responsive websites.
Official Google documentation on Mobilegeddon said, the algorithm only affects the searches performed on mobile devices. While, at the moment, you might think that your unresponsive site is safe for searches on desktop and laptops computers from Mobilegeddon. In that case, I will suggest you to see the data below, most of the searches are coming from mobile phones now a day. So, this might change your mind:
internet users data

[Figures courtesy of]

The data of 2016 shows, approximately 3.45 billion internet users were browsing internet through their mobile device. Now, you have an idea, why responsive websites is compulsory for SEO.

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