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A blog is less informal than an article but deadly serious about what it will reward a reader. If you love writing and want to make money out of your words, then making money through blogging is what you need to do as a side hustle or as a career. Blogging being a low-cost business idea, does have the potential to yield thousands of dollars per month. In fact, it is like rewarding your creativity.  

A popular and established blogger, Adam Enfroy, makes over $250,000 per month from his blog. So, this figure definitely shows that if we start and stay regular on blogging with monetizing strategies, we can earn quite a good sum. So, for those who are interested in blogging and want to work on monetized blogging, we have come up with this blog.  


Table of Contents


Why is Blog a “ Marketing Tool?” 

Getting Paid as a blogger in an agency vs Earning by running monetizing own blog 

Importance of monetizing your blog 

3 Things you must check when looking to monetize blogging 

How to make money with a blog and Make Money? 

  1. Affiliate Marketing
  2. Google Ads
  3. Online Courses
  4. Digital Products
  5. Get Paid for Reviews
  6. CPC Deals
  7. Contextual Advertising
  8. Sales of Your Own Services and/or Products
  9. Sponsored Content
  10. Create a membership community

How to Make Money Blogging – Summary 



Why is Blog a “ Marketing Tool?”


A blog is a piece of in-depth researched content that has organised texts with a touch of marketing to attract readers and eventually convert them into loyal audiences/customers. It is a major strategy of content marketing in digital marketing for businesses these days. 

At present, people are more into writing a blog that attracts and also generates some income; thus, “monetising blog” is getting popular and becoming a strong practice among professional bloggers. You can write about services, products, companies, sites, anything. 

Let’s look into the reasons that make blogging a vital marketing tool. 

  • It is an inexpensive medium. 
  • You can choose your desired niche and start blogging. 
  • It is the legendary hero of the SEO game, as a well-written blog can drive a targeted audience or traffic to the desired website and eventually enhance the website’s presence in organic searches. 
  • Through high-quality and regular blog posting, a company can build a group of readers or, let’s say, fans and have them stay loyal. 
  • Blogging also helps you establish your brand as an industry authority. 
  • It can help you nurture prospects towards an end goal, such as downloading the e-book/app, signing up for a subscription, and many more. 
  • Most importantly, you can start Money Blogging and earn well. 


Getting Paid as a blogger in an agency vs Earning by running monetizing own blog


When working in a Digital Marketing Company in Australia, you will work as a content writer and would be asked to write blogs for the clients.

In Australia, the average pay of content writers/bloggers is around AUD 55,000 per year in average. You may be asked to work from the office as well, which basically decreases your savings as you commute, invest in travel, and eat in the cafes. 

When you get into monetising your own blog, the starting phase can be tough, and you may have to deal with some issues, but consistency is the key and hence, you can start earning up to $2000 per month.

Moreover, you can do this work wherever you want as it doesn’t require you to be in a defined place, attire or even time. Those who are pretty good at writing and have started working can earn up to  $200,000 a month.  

So, now you can choose which one you want to try, but for experience’s sake, you can start working with a digital marketing agency and earn some in-situ insights. Later after garnering experiences, you can start your own and get into the Money Making Mania.  


Importance of monetizing your blog


  • Blogging is, was and will continue to be highly profitable, and hence monetising will speed up your earnings. 
  • Monetising your blogs also inspires you to write more quality content.  
  • You can get started right away and you don’t have to worry about handling customers. 
  • If you promote someone else’s product, they pay you a commission for sales.  
  • Your customer base also gets stronger and you can earn social sharing from them. 


3 Things you must check when looking to monetise blogging


There are various ways to make money out of your blog, but before starting your project, you must check for major 3 aspects so that your blog can generate income in a healthy way. In fact, these 3 aspects work as infrastructure that will allow you to add monetisation to the blogging business. 


Your blogging niche


A niche is basically an area or industry that fascinates you to write a blog and eventually generate income from the blog. A plethora of niches are available, but you must choose the niche that appeals to you and helps you garner an audience and profits.

However, bloggers should never make the profitability and money-making drive to pick a niche. So, have a calm mind and decide if you want to go into a competitive niche or a unique one. Then work on creating killer content that drives and converts. 


Technical stability


After picking the niche, your next challenge will be to have your blog set up and run it regularly. This includes web hosting, premium themes and plugins and other tools. You should always consider your blogging as a business and invest in all the necessary premium resources and create a professional blog. 


A Promotion Strategy


A content promotion strategy is vital to building a marketplace for your blog. Blog promotion strategies are mostly developed around: Search engine optimisation (SEO), List building, Guest posting, and Social media traffic. 


How to make money with a blog and Make Money? 


  1. Affiliate Marketing


One of the most common and widely used ways to monetize blogs is through affiliate marketing. This is helpful if you want to start blogging or if you don’t have any of your own goods or services to market. You only need to create fantastic and helpful content and affiliate offers. 

For example, if you’re running a beauty blog, you can easily sell affiliate skincare and make-up products. Since the content is already attracting people that are interested in beauty, selling these types of products by featuring in your blog helps you to create a good passive income. 


  1. Google Ads


Google AdSense is the most effective way to monetize blogs. Here, you will have ads appear on your blogs; you can earn revenue based on the number of people who view or engage with these ads. You may run an Adsense campaign based on your blog. But you must choose relevant Adsense ads for blogs in your niche because having these ads will get you the best results. Always place your Google ads carefully to attract more clicks since more clicks mean more money!  


  1. Online Courses


Online courses are a type of digital product that is in high demand these days. In fact, offering online courses is a professional way of sharing your own knowledge and abilities.

Most bloggers fear developing and selling their own courses because they believe they need some sort of expertise to teach one. But this is not true; all you need to do is teach a course in an understandable form. One needn’t get a lot of leads or consumers to generate money with the first online course. So don’t be frightened to build an online course.


  1. Digital Product- E-book


Ebooks are relatively simple to write and create and are a great choice for generating digital products. Experienced bloggers are found compiling some of their older blogs, adding some new updated information and voila, the e-book is prepared.

So, you should start writing and buckle up to produce an e-book with a great cover design. If you prefer WordPress to earn money online blogging, then you can sell your own digital products more easily. Moreover, you must invest a good time in the creation of the product. 


  1. Get Paid For Reviews


Everyone wants a genuine but positive review of their product or service. In fact, you can provide your review and earn money. You can try out products related to your niche for free and even get paid to write a review.

The procedure for accomplishing this may be similar to that of obtaining sponsored posts. You should review products that are relevant to your niche and that your target audience would be interested in. You can approach companies on your own to inquire about paid reviews. 


  1. Contextual Advertising


Contextual advertising is nothing new. In this case, automated systems display ads related to your blog’s content based on keyword targeting. Contextual Advertising does not require you to make a sale to make money. Generally, you are paid per thousand impressions and clicks on ads displayed on your blog.  


  1. Sales of Your Own Services and/or Products


You may still make money from your blog by promoting your own products or services. You may do this by creating a basic store on your blog. Physically selling your product might present a number of issues, but with digital products and services, you can run your shop conveniently. Furthermore, you may promote and sell your digital items directly on your blog. 


  1. Sponsored Content


Who would not want sponsors? As a blogger, you can also get brands to sponsor their type of content on your blog, which is one way you can monetise blogging. For this, you will be sent keywords and asked to create content based on it.

The amount of the charge depends on the content/topic provider, the traffic on your site, how much the sponsor is willing to spend, the strength of the brand in the market, and other factors.

You may secure sponsored content deals by

  • submitting your own blog to platforms that provide these possibilities and
  • informing readers about the availability of sponsored content. 


  1. Create a membership community and Forum


You may build a premium community where people can join and share their thoughts. A community is an excellent method for your audience to discuss with each other and you. In such groups, you may also hold Question and Answer sessions. You will have to spend some time establishing forums, just like a community.

While maintaining a forum can be time-consuming, a paid forum is a terrific way to generate recurring cash from your WordPress site. After that, you’ll be able to monetize user-generated content on your website using ads. 


  1. Offer Freelance Services


A professional blogger always works on a particular niche. Thus, as a side gig, they work as a freelancer. Freelancing is the simplest way to generate money online because it does not involve any initial commitment.

In fact, freelancing can help you earn money by giving you a platform for your talents and skills while also forming a good network and portfolio. Once you get the freelancing project, start right away with the contract. 


How to Make Money Blogging – Summary


At present day, blogging is not just a hobby, it has become a professional way to earn money. Building a blogging business isn’t a one-night makeover. You have to carefully choose your niche, maintain a relationship with your audience, stay consistent, and check on content monetising strategies. In fact, when you get into “monetise blogging”, it will nurture your passion for writing while yielding profits. 

For better results, you must create great content and a loyal reader circle to experiment with the above-mentioned blog monetising strategies. Moreover, you should always look out for updates on Google regarding the format, trends and rules while creating quality content. 


Keep Writing, Start Monetizing, and Earn Good For Yourself!  


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