NBN Co. Reconstructs Pricing Policy for its Retail Service Provider (RSP)!

NBN Co is all set to revise its pricing policy for its RSP today. Reconstruction option is laid down for 12Mbps fixed line users and for fixed wireless footprint. The price formation is likely to take place behind the company’s closed-door product development forum.
The major act is sure to cover the issues raised by Retail Service Provider on the new pricing structure, which is likely to come into effect from October 2018. The major issue identified in the new pricing strategy is it is not applicable to fixed wireless footprint. On the behalf of fixed wireless user’s Aussie broadband is advocating for the changes. CEO Gill Morrow said, “The 12Mbps product we have all the historians tell us was originally designed predominantly to be able to support voice grade services. What we want to do is think of a construct that actually uses that 12Mbps for its original purpose and not pretend it’s going to provide all your broadband needs when it doesn’t.”
He added,
“We want the retailers and access seekers opinions on this so we’re going to be introducing some concepts and asking for their opinion starting today.”

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