NBN Withdraws its 100 Mbps Fixed Wireless Service Plan

NBN had planned to offer 100/40Mbps service on its fixed wireless network service this year in 2018, but the plan has been scrapped off from the roadmap after the company identified the outrageous cost that would occur in the 100 megabits per second fixed wireless service.
CEO Bill Marrow informed the hearing about the exponential cost that the fixed line would invite after adding capacity to the fixed wireless.
Beside the fixed wireless service, the company is conducting trials of 5G wireless service by making use of 100MHz spectrum from its holdings in the 3.5GHz band. Marrow stated, “We are optimistic about [5G] providing an improvement to the existing fixed wireless network that NBN has. So very much [it] will be a part of our program going forward. We do not necessarily plan to expand the fixed wireless footprint because of 5G, nor do we plan to offer any sort of mobility services such as what the existing mobile carriers offer.”
He added,
“But the important thing for us about 5G is that it offers an improvement in the spectral efficiency so effectively you can offer more service within the same frequency band that was used before. That’s great news for capacity relief, that’s great news for keeping the cost as low as possible so we can keep our prices as low as possible.”

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