IT Support for NPO

NSW IT Support is a leading IT service provider for non-profit organisations. No matter what kind of NPO you run – charity, local council, foundation or a professional organisation, we offer a broad range of discounted, fixed-fee technology services, designed to help your organisation meet your target within a budget. 

Our experienced support engineers are ready to take full responsibility of your hardware, software and telecom support service. NSW IT SUPPORT is sincerely inclined towards working for the welfare of the community and society. Therefore, we have been delivering free consulting service to clients from NPO background. 

What does NSW IT offer Small Business in IT services?

  • Installing, upgrading of hardware, software or purchasing new hardware to deliver high-end performance. 
  • Frequent evaluation of hardware and software along with other IT equipment’s. 
  • Improvisation of network performance with outbound solutions. 
  • Recommend IT solutions according to the entity’s requirement. 
  • Supply up to date hardware and MS Office 365 packages. 
  • Offer managed IT & project management service. 
  • Data protection with back up and disaster recovery service. 
  • Control data centres and back up time framed as per your location. 
  • Offer a microwave solution for wireless devices with comprehensive network maintenance packages. 
  • Install IVR recording to connect your calls through call forwarding and auto-attendant service. 
  • Connect best broadband internet service with plans to fit in your budget. 
  • Provide VoIP service with an additional benefit of Cloud hosting to minimise your organisational cost. 
  • Provide IT support service 24/7

Advantages of outsourcing NSW IT SUPPORT as your IT service provider: 

Our Pricing Model:  We have no hidden charges tucked secretly inside any of our services. Our prices are transparent and comparatively lower. We adopt billing services as per client’s suitability, i.e. monthly, quarterly or yearly.  

Expertise & Experienced:  We have certified engineers and support providers who are in the IT fields for more than decades. You get to outsource the qualified individuals at a fraction of the cost of employing and training them.  

Preventing & Resolving Technical problems:  We have worked with several sectors of industries so far; therefore, we combat with any situation. We provide unlimited access to Service Desk and monitor your system 24/7 days. We also take up security updates to prevented unwanted security and privacy issues.   

Advice & Assist:  Technology changes can be quite tricky. Your business needs to ensure that your work is minimally affected by the changes. So, we are available to advise and assist you in every minor problem.  

To avail of IT services, kindly contact us at 1300 138 600 or email us at [email protected]

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