What is Off-Page SEO?

SEO divided in two major points Off-page and On-page SEO. On-page is all about optimizing a website for its on-site factors. However, Off-page related to off-site factors, such as link building, content marketing and so on.

We have our own Offpage seo strategy that will help our client’s websites to achieve a search engine result. We have included some of the major strategy points as below

Create a Community in Social Networking Sites

Here is the main concept of using Social Network for any business. First we will build a community in social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, and the other major social network sites.

Broken Link Building

The best method, we use in Offpage SEO strategy is Broken Link building. This method is more powerful and 100% white hat technique. Finding broken-links and replacing with our client’s website URL is the main moto of this strategy. We have skilled staffs those, who are using this strategy to build backlinks for almost 5 years now, and we did pretty good.

Contextual Links

These are the backlinks we create from content websites, such as Huffington post, Forbes, CNN, BBC and more popular websites. The link will be inserted inside the content, so it’s named Contextual Links. This strategy is also very powerful, because we all know Google loves the content and the link comes from inside the content.

Guest Post

Guest post is similar to contextual link building strategy, it is also the best way to create backlinks. We write content for other blogs, who have a high authority and create a links inside their blogs content. We take care of all, it’s domain authority and Spam check, before submitting any content.

Documents Sharing

Users will love to engage with Videos, Images and GIFS. These are the best way to keep our website visitors engaged. We will implement this strategy to create quality backlinks for our client’s websites.

Directory Submission

Directories like, Dmoz, Yahoo, One Mission are more popular with SEO webmasters. Using relevant and high authority directory is the best way to create a backlink and we do so.

Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking also is a great way to create backlinks for any websites. We use social bookmarking to create better brand awareness.

Blog Posting

Blogging is the best way to promote any website and brand, though keep that in mind, we will do blog posts for our client’s websites, so the business and brand can be more popular in the entire online world.

Using Forum

Nowadays, forum is not considering as a good way to create backlink for websites, but we have our forum post experts, and will do it with the professional way so, be very useful for branding and for backlinks as well.

Final Touch

You get the idea, how we work, but this is not it, we are only sharing few offpage seo strategy here, so, if you would like have more in detail or full SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy details, please send us a request and we will follow you back.