Search Engine Optimization divided into two major parts, On-Page and Off-Page. Both On-page and Off-Page strategy play vital role in SEO, so, we see them as a pair of wheels of our motorbike. Without the help of each (On-Page and Off-Page), SEO cannot be done.

Search Engines calculate any website score depending on On-Page and Off-Page SEO factors. The search engine has their own algorithm running all the time, they have different algorithms for each factor, such as Google has a panda for on-page and penguin for off-page. While, optimizing any website we always keep in mind of those algorithms, so we can take our steps in a safe place.

NSW IT Support, better understand the time value of our clients and their business’s needs, and that helps us to handled and implement our strategy to our works. We have the Onpage SEO strategy that we use to achieve search engine result.

You can see our full Onpage SEO strategy for your website as bellow:

Keyword Research

First of all, we do research and understand our client’s businesses, what they do and their vision? This makes us easy to understand their goals and targeted customers for client websites. This step is very important because all of our next steps depends upon our keywords. If choosing the keywords goes wrong, that will be a great loss for us and our clients, so, we take times to research keywords, and we list out about 10 to 20 great keywords that fits and suits client’s businesses.

We now then using keyword tools, such as Google Keyword Planner, check those listed keywords and filter out the best ones. We are filtering out the keywords depending upon the keywords monthly searches, conversion rates and CTR.

Competitors Analysis

We now have a list of keywords, so we can track our competitors, who are already ranked first page in Google search engine. Competitors analysis is also the best part to find some great keywords, now we check those competitors keywords using Keyword planner and will list out some best ones that fits client’s businesses.

Verify Google Webmaster and Analytics

Verifying Google search console and analytics gives you more options to track websites scores. We will verify client website in Google search console and Google analytics. Using Google search console, we track crawl status, indexed pages/posts, duplicate content within pages/posts and more. We also submit robot.txt and sitemap.xml file to google search console.

We use Google analytics to track website visitors, their behaviors, bounce rate of website visitors, and more. We also track our goal conversion using Google analytics tool.

Page/Post Titles

As meta tags are most important factors for OnPage SEO strategy, we optimize each page/post for unique titles. We make sure that each page has unique and relevant title to that page content.  Search engines will index the page titles in search engine result snippets, so we make sure the title will be attractive as well.

Meta Description

Another major factor for on-page SEO is Meta-description. Meta description are using to display in search engine result snippet, so same as title, we make Meta description attractive, relevant and unique for each pages/posts.

Heading Tags

Heading tags are so useful to tell any search engine that our page content is about related to this heading, So, Google will get notice and easily index. Heading tags are using to define, what is the main content theme inside a web page. So, we use the heading tags where it is applicable.

Optimize Images

Images optimization is very important for SEO as well as for any website loading speed. Using right and suitable alt tag for each images, we use to index images in major search engines. We optimize images also for reducing loading speed for any websites.

Optimize URL Structure

The best way to make URL SEO friendly is by optimizing it, and using only character, numbers. If we need, we separate each words by using hyphens (-). This way, we will make any URL SEO friendly. It helps web pages to index easy and fast.

Check content quality and keyword density

At last but not least, we do some quality check of the website content. Is the content unique? Most of the time, we got trouble because of the low and thin content quality within our websites. So, we simply follow the checking steps of content and check for keywords density within that content. We focus on using 1 to 2 percentage of keyword density. This makes search engine and us happy.

Final Touch

So, we have mentioned major factors from our Onpage SEO strategy. These are only the major factors we have included above, if you would like to know more about our On-Page strategy, please send us a request, we will happy to send you.