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Businesses have shifted to online platforms to get more customers and uplift their brand awareness and growth. They have invested their capital in agile technologies and software from leading companies like Microsoft, IBM, etc. But when working with technology, there are some potential problems -minor and major that have to be solved. An employee may face an issue with the computer while working on computers or workstations, or laptops and can have their daily productivity hampered. Imagine you get in this situation and have deadlines peeking at you, you will end up being angry and, worst, losing customers. So the best thing to do is to get back online and fast. Furthermore, you must get these issues addressed by  IT support professionals.


What is IT support?

IT support is a form of technical support directed to solve issues or provide assistance in using and handling computers, printers, networks, and devices. IT support is given by professionals who are familiar with technological products and ways to solve issues related to them. IT support is provided for any customer who extensively uses IT or the internet for their service or product.  IT support is mostly offered in two major ways: On-premise /on-site/on-location IT support and off-site/remote IT support.


What is Onsite IT Support?

Onsite IT Support, also known as Onsite Technical Support or Onsite Help Desk, is the dedicated IT management team for a company’s IT systems from their own offices. These services are crucial for businesses with high-level security needs or those reliant on their network for business continuity. Onsite IT Support may be provided by a company’s own employees or contracted from an outside provider. In addition, onsite support is essential for companies that require high levels of security or depend on reliable networks for business continuity. An in-house team of employees are hired to provide onsite IT support.


What is included in Onsite Services?

Some areas of support may include:

  • Network Support, where the network support team run software to identify hotspots, bandwidth limitations and bottlenecks, early indicators, etc.
  • Software support includes maintenance as well as fault resolution of any software applications.
  • Hardware repair and support: Here, solving hardware issues, typically with laptops or desktop computers or other devices, is included. In most cases, the hardware support team are often the people in the office. 
  • Project support: Here, the team gets involved in new technology along with advising and consulting on the new technology.
  • Training/consultancy: Here IT support team provide training and documentation for the office employees. 
  •  Assistance with hardware troubleshooting
  • Patching( a modification/change to a program to improve its security, performance, or other features)
  • File Servers & Cyber Security: It includes an Onsite IT specialist to ensure that file servers are always in working order. They also look for cloud storage and cyber security issues.
  • Network Equipment: Onsite IT professionals work to ensure network equipment works together to ensure smooth operation in the workplace.
  • POS System Handling: Onsite IT support is the first source to rely on when a POS system gets delayed processing.

Onsite Support Specialist, IT Onsite Support Engineer, I.T. Support Analyst, Technical Analyst, IT Support Specialist, and IT Systems Support Administrator (MSCE) are some popular Jobs in IT Support.


Benefits of onsite support

Let’s look into the wide range of advantages of  Onsite Support Solutions.

1. Real-life and in-person communication is the best. 

Communicating in person is way better than talking on the phone. With in-person communication available on your own premises, you will be able to answer questions, effectively convey your issues, and anticipate a nice ride. Employees feel more at ease asking the questions they need to be answered when they know the company has an expert on their side. Instead of just surfing Google occasionally, which may not have all the solutions and often has unclear solutions. So, having IT Support to support or solve an issue instantly is crucial. In fact, their service in fixing minor issues is like “Preventing an issue from developing into a major one”.


2. On-site IT Support provides Flexibility.

You can choose the desired IT support services with an on-site IT team. In fact, many businesses employ on-site IT services to assist them in their specialised initiatives. Thus, an onsite IT support team provides you with aid for a specific task or length of time. Not only that, but you can ask for recurring IT on-site support as well.


3. You will have Greater Efficiency and Productivity.

After you have that flexibility, you will enjoy greater efficiency in your business operations and ensure that your employees never have to think twice about technical issues in the workplace. While your internal staffs get free of guessing and/or experimenting on IT issues and have their problems solved instantly by the onsite team, the staff can focus on core competencies and other essential functions. This certainly raises the productivity of the staff.


4. Businesses enjoy reduced costs.

Small and medium-sized enterprises spend money on hardware, software, and IT services. However, onsite IT assistance comes with numerous advantages. The biggest advantage of onsite IT support is providing the opportunity to save on travel expenses and overhead costs by utilising an on-demand network. Furthermore, Onsite IT support enables businesses to better concentrate their resources on other projects that will increase their revenue.


5. Businesses can enjoy Minimised downtime.

Downtime is a time when a computer or IT system is unavailable, both offline or not operational. Shutdowns for maintenance, human errors, software or hardware malfunctions, environmental disasters, etc, cause downtime. Also, communication failures can cause network downtime. So, when issues with downtime arise, the onsite IT services can help your team. They quickly resolve outages and issues. 


6. On-site Technicians resolve IT Issues Quickly.

A business or organisation cannot stay waiting and suffering technological problems as it is a sabotaging act for the overall business. So, to have this waiting period, onsite services are there-Active and Agile. Additionally, with a group of onsite IT support will get access to a group of skilled and qualified professionals who have experience fixing various IT issues.


7. They improve technical processes.

The onsite technicians in the company will benefit from onsite IT support as this support helps in standardising and streamlining technical procedures. Further, this will help the office staff using IT and devices stress less.


8. You will have consistent support from support staff

In most cases, an onsite IT support company has proven methodologies and documented processes pertinent to the onsite support capabilities. Furthermore, when they work, they offer IT support from a single point of contact and eventually increase familiarity with the company employees, infrastructure, and old technical setbacks. This knowledge will lead to consistent support and a more prompt resolution of IT issues in a company. In addition, the onsite IT support actively participates in offering customers consistent support.


9. Upgrade and Enhance your organisation’s security

Cybersecurity and cybercrimes are two popular impactful words in the IT sector. As they cause hazards to every aspect of the company, it is best to prevent them, and if it is late, then companies must extirpate these issues as soon as possible. 

IT support is always on the frontline of cybersecurity by building a shield and defending a company against cyber threats. Onsite IT professionals can easily identify vulnerabilities and hence liaise with the company’s security teams to set up preventive measures, stop attackers from accessing confidential information or make changes to infrastructure. Hence, with an IT support team, companies can improve the security of their confidential and sensitive data and also enjoy a strong security boost. 


10. Businesses can have better management of emergency times.

Handling emergency issues is also one of the Onsite IT support services. They can handle emergency situations like downtime, disaster recovery, etc. They provide skilled, reasonably priced, and tailored emergency IT support based on your company’s needs. A flexible selection of IT support plans can therefore be provided to a company.


11. Have an Improvement in customer satisfaction.

We all know that a delay in customer can result in bad results. But if customers are served on time, they feel heard, valued and supported. This certainly brings a good wave of mirth in customers, and the company can boast about its customer satisfaction. On-site IT support services also include solving issues of customers. Another aspect of On-site IT support assistance is offering personalised advice and guidance on customer-facing system setup. In fact, they can also identify opportunities for automation or process improvements to ensure that customer queries are answered as quickly and accurately as possible.


12. You can be ensured of progress in real-time.

Progress in productivity may appear slow or nonexistent if employees have to keep waiting or handling technical support by themselves(using Google, Obviously). So, when a company has on-site IT support, it can manage the IT issue situation, understand what is happening, and pave a path to its success.

Finding the Right Local IT Support Services for Your Business: Tips and Considerations


Is Onsite IT Support the only best solution?

Onsite IT help is when a qualified IT specialist arrives at your office/business house to provide IT support and collaborate with you directly. Onsite Support Services offer the advantages we talked about above, but there are disadvantages as well. Some are:

  • It takes longer to provide onsite IT support. Time gets wasted as the technician has to arrive at the problem area, talk to you about the problem, go over the choices for fixing it, and the time to actually fix it.
  • A business that has an in-house team for  IT support must pay a full-time salary for the IT person or team; also, they must be given other allowances.
  • There are lower chances of reaching an onsite IT technician after business hours.
  • An individual’s level of competence could be lower than that of a complete team.

Overcoming these advantages, we have remote IT support. Remote or off-site IT support is IT support provided by a team of IT experts who are not physically present in your company but provide services virtually. 

With Remote IT support, brands get to relish the following benefits:

  • Remote IT Support supports your business in making savings. It is a cost-effective option as you pay for the services you want and use. Some remote IT support charges on just an hourly basis. [Popular ways to charge IT support service in Sydney are: Hourly basis, Block time or retainer, Hourly rate with a base fee, and fixed price (inclusive of every charge)]
  • In most cases, the response times of remote IT Support is prompt. They quickly fix tech troubles and help you back up. 
  • These service providers operate under Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and also offer downtime to a minimum. 
  • Even after regular business hours, remote IT support is available for the customers.
  • You can connect to any IT support technician and resolve issues virtually. 

You can switch to any of the options. It is better to get a service that matches your business goals.


Looking for an experienced support team for your IT?

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