Print Management solution for Education service provider

“Reduce, Recycle, Re-use”, are some of the extreme slogans used in print media, e-mails, and notice boards. While in education sector students are taught to reduce paper waste. But still, somewhere institutes lag when putting in practicality.

What is Print Management Solution?

Print management solution allows the organization to keep a check on the printing environment, enhance document security, productivity and minimize the environmental impact on printing.

Features of Print Management Solution:

  • Stop unlimited printing and wastage.
  • Caters from 5 to 500,000 users.
  • Works on a platform like Novell, Linux, Mac, and Win.
  • Keep track of budget and printing faculty, department, year level, and class.
  • Levy pay per use system.
  • Release reports per users, faculty for cost allocation.
  • Implement print quota system.
  • Provide wireless printing service for any device.

No organization would like to dispose of their precious income on unnecessary stuff nor do they would want to end it up as a wasted paper in recycle bin. Papercut print management is a right software to keep track of the used papers. It exactly reports about the total number of pages being used for the valid purpose. Account for every printed page will be on track while tools can be used to stop any careless waste.

Paper Management Solution features offered by NSW IT SUPPORT for academics

  • Quick software setup which can be operated within few minutes.
  • Activation of control tools after the quota and charge students accordingly.
  • Allocation of staff to concerned department or faculty.
  • Watermark printing with dates and students name.
  • Activation of pop-reminders and alerts.
  • Availability of printing service from any device or BYOD.
  • Implement one global printing queue service.
  • Keep a track of fax, scan, and copy used by various departments and faculty.
  • Secure release of documents.
  • Change user behavior by discouraging email printing and encouraging duplex.

Print Management Solution is a small step that needs to be adapted by the educational institution.

The following are the advantages of including Print Management Solution:

  • Usage of Power Effective Products: Allows your organization to work in fresh gear. It is a smart investment for a business start-up.
  • Maintain Paper Usage: It allows you to regulate the exact amount of paper consumption. Useful for printing large amounts.
  • Sync Printing device: Incorporate your printing device with print management. Allows greater control on the overall speed.
  • Remote Monitoring: Upgrade components and gear. There are times when you will be supplied with toner, cartage, and ink, before they are empty, so remote monitoring is a must.

Academics are in desperate search to save cash and plan for long-term. They are seeking out options through Print Management Solutions where they believe to have reduced 30% of their operating cost. The system is well worth the money and time. NSW IT SUPPORT assists every academic institution to get the system correctly practiced for a positive outcome.

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